Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Update from the Team in Sierra Leone

If you kept up with our wild trip last year to Sierra Leone you might recognize some of these children in these pictures. Erica's husband and a team are back in Sierra Leone right now. As you may remember we worked very hard to fight for all of the injustice to the children that we encountered on that trip. If you missed those posts you can click here to get caught up from that trip last September. There were several children that did get moved out and taken to another orphanage. They stopped in yesterday to check on those children which you will see pictured here. The conditions of this particular orphanage is still very poor. It was a blessing to have the children moved but they are still in a lot of need as you will see that all of the orphanages in SL are overcrowded and operate on very little money. I heard that several of the children's families have been located and they are working to get them reunited with them. Our team will follow up with them as well. It was a very humbling day for the team to go in and see the children in these conditions, especially after they had just left the children in the new center that the Raining Season has set up. They were all doing fabulous and even greeted the team with a song. You can read all about the trip that is currently taking place in Sierra Leone by clicking here and going to their blog.

It is so great to see some of these familiar little faces.


  1. Our grandson Skylar(5) is continuing "praying for Sam and his brother and sister,and the other orphans in Africa." can you give us an update on Sam and his siblings? We would love to hear how they are doing.

  2. Hi Leigh,
    I was on the most recent trip to Sierra Leone. Sam is an amazing boy! He has taken a leadership role at The Covering orphanage! His sister Betty is also a leader. She has the most beautiful voice. They are doing great and are examples of Christ daily!!!