Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Final Call To Help Our Flood Victims

I am interrupting my blogs about Africa for a day to put one last call out for anyone who would like to help us as we strive to finish the homes for the flood victims we are helping. I realize the flood is very far from many people's minds and it is easy to forget about. But we are in the final stages of finishing our home repairs and it was just brought to the forefront of my mind as I looked at our budget. I have been in Africa and just returned to find that one home in particular that was the home of an elderly blind woman and her husband was in VERY bad shape and needed many more repairs than what I realized in the beginning. I have heard over and over from every repair man that has come in, that it is an outright MIRACLE that this home has not burnt to the ground by now. It has been sitting with all the original wiring that I don't know how old it is......VERY old, with the original big fat fuses and copper pipes in the plumbing that had to all be replaced as well. I consider it an act of God that we found this house when we did considering how dangerous it was with a blind woman and her 80 year old husband living in it. So I am pleased that we are able to make this home safe for them, but it all has cost way more than I anticipated. SO.....I am putting out a challenge to all my blog readers as well as my facebook friends to donate $25 toward this FINAL call to help the flood victims. It would help us stay inside our budget and it will ensure that the homes are brought to completion. WE ARE VERY CLOSE. I am so excited to show you the final reveal of this home. It is looking great. I really am shocked that I was able to do all that I did when I know nothing about contracting :) I now call myself Contractor Kelly :)......who knew?? We now just have to get it all paid for and leave them with a house they never could have dreamed of. $25 is not that much, but when everyone joins together it can make a HUGE difference and it WILL help us meet our goal. I am asking for a small amount so that everyone can take part :) After this blog, I will not ask for donations for this project again. I am really trying to finish this project so that I can focus on my next one.....advocating for the waiting children from Ethiopia and helping to bring a water well to the Korah community :)

If you would like to take part in this FINAL attempt to help the flood victims YOU MAY CLICK HERE to go to the PAYPAL link.

If you have any questions you may email me at kelly@ordinaryhero.org . THANKS SO MUCH TO ALL YOU AWESOME ORDINARY HEROES FOR HELPING THE FLOOD VICTIMS OF NASHVILLE. Thanks for helping me to help them :)

If you did not see the video which documents the progress of this house you may CLICK HERE TO WATCH.

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  1. Kelly,
    So excited to see what the final, finished house is going to look like!! You and all your helpers have done an amazing job!! Keep it up. You're almost there!!:-)