Friday, July 9, 2010

Big Time House Project!!

We have come a long way with our Project Restore homes that were damaged by the great Nashville flood in May. We are putting the finishing touches on one home and have another in progress. One home was determined to be in a flood zone and will be rebuilt somewhere else.
I must say that my biggest project yet is restoring the home of Miss Clemmie Greenlee's mother and father. This is where I will step up and ask for your help. Did I totally have a heart for this family and jump in way over my head?? Yes. But is God big enough to provide all the needs....YES! I am blown away by some of the great people who have stepped up to help and have donated their furniture, money, and time to this project. The house was in such bad shape from years and years of neglect that the family and myself decided to get rid of everything and start over with the help of Ordinary Hero. We are really getting close to completion but our budget has about run dry for this project. Yes, I quickly learned there is way more involved than just pulling everything out and then putting it back in. We repaired the roof and replaced it with a much needed new one. The house was overrun by creepy crawlers so I had the place treated for termites among other things which created a hefty bill. We had to hang new drywall over the old walls due to the wallpaper coming off in uncontrollable layers and layers :) We have put in new carpet and flooring, will replace all the appliances, furniture, tub, toilets, sinks, etc. I also just learned that we need an electrician to fix some electrical problems, due to the home being so old.

There are many things we must still pay for, yes, but I do not get discouraged because this whole project has had such great, God appointed, moments that are undeniable. God shows up, and that is why we do what we do. I would like you to take a moment to watch this video I just put together which documents the progress of this house project. You will quickly see why I had such a heart for this family as I recap the first moments with them before I show the progress. We have had some pretty exceptional moments, from the neighbor next door getting saved, to one of our volunteers singing for us after she explained she is trying out for American Idol. She sang so great that she brought the neighbor out next door and gave her hope to get through her day. God shows up in all kinds of ways when you step up.(You can see all this on the video) I must give a great big Thank You to Samaritan's Purse for clearing out the place, Atkins and Associates for help with contracting needs, Cayce Mill Supply for supplying some of our much needed bathroom items, and so many more of you Ordinary Heroes for donating your time and resources on this with us. BUT WE ARE NOT DONE YET!! We must still complete it and I am racing the clock to get as much done before I leave the country on Wed. Please watch this video, which recaps the need and then shows the progress, and if you feel led to give toward this project you can donate through Paypal or send your tax deductible gift to
PO Box 1945 Brentwood, TN 37024. If you would like a list of our specific needs we still have remaining, please email me at

Also, our Ethiopia trip is NEXT WEEK!! I will have more info on that in the next couple days. I am real excited. Great things are gonna come from this trip. I believe many people will find their children as a result, either from being with us or us coming back and advocating for them.

God Bless!
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