Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We Are off To Africa!!!

I am super excited about our first ever overseas mission trip. We leave today and are currently in our first day of travel and haven't even left America yet. We are enjoying our 8 hour layover in Washington Dulles Airport at the moment, waiting on two more team members to arrive :) Above pictured is 14 of the 22 team members of this travel group. The above group is from the Nashville area. I can't tell you how great this travel group is. We not only have this group from the Nashville area but we have others meeting us from Virginia, Utah, Illinois, and Texas. That is amazing to me!! Also, check out our great new tshirts, modeled by my cutie son in the middle of the above pic. And of course they say "Change The World For One" across the front. If you are interested in purchasing one contact Charlene at We will totally be sporting these cute t's on this trip.
I'm am thrilled to be traveling with my hubby, my daughter and one of my sons on this trip.
Above is Kelly and Lydia from Clarkesville, TN and Melissa from Nashville.
Here we have Ashli joined by her Dad who happened to be traveling abroad to a different destination at the same time.
Clay, Caitlyn, and Blake are three Nashvillians......
This happened to be Collin's first plane trip.
Also, this happened to be Caitlyn's first plane ride. Wow!! She picks Africa as her first plane ride :)

I am waiting on two more team members to arrive and will then post a pic of all of us. Stay tuned because I will be posting throughout the trip as much as I have internet connection. We are all anxious to love on some precious children.


  1. woohooOO!! can't wait to keep following along! :)

  2. I will be praying for you guys! You will be seeing our kiddos, Yordanos and Sifan, at El Olam. Give them a big hug and take lots of pics!!!

    Becky Rutland

  3. Can't wait to follow along!

  4. Will be praying for you! Kelly I am wondering if I can get the code for the africa picture on your blog. The face with Africa on it. I would liuke to add that to my blog. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for posting this trip information. Our neice, Caitlin C, is a member of this group and this will be our connection to her for the next week. ... God Bless you all...