Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Last Day to Purchase for Adoptive Families!!

All I can say is WOW!!! You all have been soooo supportive of our adoptive families who have signed up to benefit from our product sales. As orders are continuing to come in on this last day, you will find that we are selling out. If you wish to make an advanced purchase today in order for a particular family to get the credit, you may do so. You must know that you will not receive your items until January.  If you are ok with that then you can email Charlene at info@ordinaryhero.org and let her know what you would like to purchase and she will give you instructions on how to order. What we will have available for advanced purchase will be the Gray, as well as the Rust OH shirts, the Gray women's hoodie, the gray kid's tee, the Coffee Africa shirt. Just let Charlene know what sizes you would like and she will make note to credit the family and let you know how to pay for it.

We are gearing up to expand this in January and continue to help as many families as we can with their adoptions. This has been very exciting!! We will be totaling tomorrow and have the names of the top three on Thursday. Those top three will get matching grants!! Woo hoo!!

Right now we have Christmas ball ornaments still available for purchase where the families will get a $5 credit.  We are about to sell out of the tumblers and several sizes of shirts. What you see listed in the drop down under each item is what we have left. If it says "sold out" then it is sold out :) You may then order advanced purchase on a shirt choice I mentioned above.

Can't wait to start blessing these families with what has come in for them! We are so excited to help get these kiddos home to their forever families.

We are also just a few followers away from 400.  I will then give away a tumbler with coffee as well as a separate Christmas ornament give away....  Look forward to it :)

Stay posted for the top three!!! So exciting!!


  1. OOOHHH no....do you have any of the coffee left? i'll still purchase with no mug!?!

  2. We have a few bags of whole bean left if you would like that for 13.00 a bag. Or you can visit justlovecoffee.com/ordinaryhero if you would like to order a separate bag of the ground. Send us an email and let us know which you decide. info@ordinaryhero.org Thanks.