Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Waiting Children.....

First of all, way to go on the shirt sales! We shipped out over 50 shirts yesterday and the orders are coming in for you guys.  We will give you an update of your totals sometime next week and then try to keep you updated week to week through the end of November. Woo hoo for y'all!!

I recently partnered with Wasatch International Adoptions to advocate for some of their waiting children from China. These cuties are currently waiting.  They are allowed to go on an open site which is why I can give you all a peek. Visit my OH site for further info on each of these children. I have some of their waiting children on my site. Visit their waiting children page to see all of their current waiting children.  Let's advocate and find these children homes during this month of adoption awareness.  

Above all else, pray for these children who are waiting for their family to come. Prayer changes things for sure!!

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  1. I am a local nashville mom and just completed an adoption from this agency if anyone wants a local person to talk to:) They were extremely helpful and worked HARD for us and were wonderful through the entire adoption process.