Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Shirt Sales Are Coming In.....

 I'm loving seeing all the names coming in of families that are in the process of adopting and taking advantage of our t shirt profit give away!! Way to go! This is exciting for me because having adopted a child from Ethiopia, I know how every penny is precious to most of us out there.  I also know how I always wracked my brain to come up with fund raiser ideas.  So we are thrilled to be able to offer this, along with other fun stuff this month for all you guys!!
I wanted to throw up a few more pics of some of our shirts for you all, to show you how they look on people. Very top pic is the new OH grey shirt. I think she is wearing the medium which is a loose fit on a girl. My teen daughter, above, is a size small in the white shirt.
 My teen son, above, is sporting the adult size small in the black Africa shirt.
 Here is our July OH mission team sporting our Africa shirt in indigo and black.
 Here is a full shot of the size small for a teen in white.
 Here are two different looks for t shirts in the winter.  I will let me and my sister be the models, Ha! As you can see, you can put the long sleeve shirt underneath and add the cute vest, or you can dress it up with the longer flowy jacket and boots. We are wearing the size medium in these rust shirts. (I was some kind of version of cat girl at our Halloween outreach :)
Above, I am wearing the black Africa shirt in small with a thin longer shell jacket on top, with long necklaces at our "Water For Korah" event.

Then we must not forget the kiddos, below.  The cutie in the middle is wearing the kids "I'm Gonna Change The World" shirt, and the two on the ends are actually wearing the adult smalls. Then of course, Lucy at the bottom, is always a cute toddler model :)  Hope this helps.  Enjoy your shirt selling. Don't forget to order from the right side bar of this blog and put the person's name in the memo box to get the credit.


  1. Oh gosh, I'm seeing this year's Christmas card picture with my kids in the " I'm Gonna Change The World" tees. Woohoo!!!

  2. Will you be getting more of the 'i'm going to change the world' t-shirts? I'd like to buy a bunch for Christmas gifts and to help out people in the adoption process. You are doing so many amazing things. I'm very proud to wear your shirts. Please email me: amberrcorbin@gmail.com