Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last Day in ET!! Saying Goodbye to some GREAT kiddos.....

 Well....it's sad to see this trip come to a close. Our last day in Ethiopia. We were to head south, through the countryside to a remote orphanage in the country. Before we left for the country we made one last stop at another orphanage.
 There were some of the cutest kids waiting for us. I can't tell you how precious these children are. God shines through each and every one of them.

 The older boy in the sibling group above showed us some of his school work. I think he will be a Pastor. He definitely has a calling on his life.
 Does it get any sweeter than this?

 The kids are so much fun. They have fun kid personalities. They LOVE having their picture taken. These kids are no different than mine and your kids at home here in America....only they have no family.
 The little guy below...the youngest in the sibling group....is SUCH a love bug!
 COOL with Miss Kelly's sunglasses :)
 After our visit at that orphanage we headed south for a couple of hours and landed at an orphanage in the countryside.
 These kids rarely get visitors so they were thrilled with the coloring pages and little goodies that we gave them.

 This orphanage is in the middle of no where. There are SUCH beautiful children in this orphanage. As far away as they are, and as little as they have visitors.....God has his hand on them. We were there! We were there for a reason!

 Someone had sent a pack of bows for me to hand out on our trip. These girls LOVED them. They immediately put them in their hair and just lit up when I told them how beautiful they were.

 Outside the gate are country village kids that love to run up to us. You will see some familiar faces from our July trip. This is where I got my picture at the top of my blog that I took in July.

 I LOVE this little girl!!! i met her last time.
 Lauren got a small game of soccer going with some of them.

 This little girl below can't be more than 9 years old. She carried that baby around like she was his mother. She was so sweet with him. I assume she is his sister. What a great sister she is. God bless her!
 LOVE the girl's hair on the left below.

 Something as simple as passing out stickers just made the kids light up with excitement. I stuck one on each of their heads.

 Bless this baby's heart! And the little sister who carries him around. I plan to bring these village kids some clothes in July. It will be the raining season and they will be covered in mud.

 We also passed out coloring pages for all of them.

 Again...we will bring clothes and shoes in July on our team trip.

 These kids are beautiful and sweet and need your prayers.

 We met up with a sibling group of 4 girls from this orphanage who have been chosen. We gave them their packages from their new family which showed them that their family is anxiously waiting for them, showed them pictures, gave them treasures, to let them know they are loved while they wait for their family to get there to get them. They lit up with excitement and carried their packages with them as we left. My prayer is that every child will have an end to their story like this one. My prayer is that every child will be CHOSEN. CHOSEN into a forever family. May they only be so blessed. That is why we are there, and that is why we won't stop until they all have a family.
We made our way back to Addis, showered real quick and left for the airport that night. Whoo! What a day! Our trip was amazing! We met so many wonderful kids and people that opened our eyes to so much. We are much better people for being there. They bless us so much more than we could ever bless them. Can't wait to get my first Speak Up email out this week and help find these kids their forever families. We have also decided to help one or more of the orphanages we visited. If you are interested in donating to this then email me at Kelly@ordinaryhero.org or just go to the donate button at the side of this blog to help bring hope to so many of these amazing kids by bettering the home in which they wait. Above all else....PRAY for all the children we met on this trip. Your prayers are what change their circumstances, I'm convinced :) May they all find a home.



  1. Love Love Love :) Thanks for your minsitry... how beautiful..opening hearts and homes. You are an angel :)

  2. Looking forward to your speak up post! As we begin our process to adopt again... we pray God leads us to our children!

  3. YAAAAAAAAAAAY! The bows made it! It made my day to open this blog post and see those sweet smiling faces. Thanks for letting God use you to bring joy to so many young hearts.

  4. Oh Kelly, you connected us with one of our boys and I will be forever grateful. Bless you and your huge heart!

  5. My daughter came home from Emmanuel Orphanage center in May of this year. She cried as we looked at these pictures of Woliso together

  6. There is a special spot in my heart for the sibling set of four you showed in the pictures towards the top of the post. We enjoyed nothing more than our time spent at their orpanange during our most recent trip to ET. Glad you got to spend more time with them. Soloman is such a great kid.