Friday, December 24, 2010


Wow!!! What a year for Ordinary Hero! I just have to stop for a moment and thank each and every one of you who have contributed to OH this first year, whether it be through your prayers, your action, your contributions, or your love for those in need. We could not have done any of this without you. 

                                                           LET ME SHOW YOU...............

 We put the call out to find sponsors for orphans in Sierra Leone in the beginning of the year........they are now sponsored and living at The Covering, run by The Raining Season.

We took our first mission team to Ethiopia this year, which was life changing for so many.

 We witnessed people and children living in the trash dump. Our team was rocked to the core. "We have to do something!" they all said. So we all returned determined to help Project 61 find sponsors for these children to go to school.....AND WE DID! Thanks to so many of you, these kids went from the above picture........
To this...........
 From these sweet girls, who had only known a life of digging through trash.......

To now living at a boarding school with clean clothes, a bed, and plenty of food, while they get an education to begin a new life. AMAZING!!

 We have seen children go from sleeping here, under a covering made from trash.......

To here..........

 We saw the desperate need of basic necessities.......
 of so many children in Ethiopia....
 And our team stepped up to help.

 Hundreds of children in Ethiopia received new shoes and food....THANKS TO YOU!
We saw many of our trip members lives change forever......

 We saw those with no children, be called to adopt.
 We saw a highschool soccer coach be changed inside out...he is returning in July and bringing his brother :)
 We saw a single girl in Chicago inspire her sister and brother to adopt.
 We saw highschool and middle school students find their life calling.....

 We saw a single 20 something be so inspired that she packed up and moved to Ethiopia to help serve.
 We saw several bond with certain orphans that they came home and started the adoption process for. They are traveling as we speak for their first court date.
We saw relationships form between sponsor and child that will forever change that child's life. 
 Since our trip in July we have seen many of you moved to action to help fund raise to bring water and new land to the Korah trash dump area.

 And we have seen so many of you moved to take that giant leap of faith called.... ADOPTION!!

In May, we here in the Nashville area, were hit with the biggest flood in history, and what did you do?

 You gave.......
 You offered your sweat and your love.......
 and your donations that would bring joy back to so many that lost everything.
 We saw entire families and homes transformed because of your generosity and support. 
 You gave over 60 children living in the Nashville Rescue Mission a new backpack with supplies to help start their new school year.

 We have seen you make a homeless child's wish list for Halloween........
 Come true...
 And provide them with a day of fun at our Halloween Outreach fall festival. For some it is the first time they have ever had a costume or been to a festival.

 We have seen you step up to help donate items for 200 bags to be given to the moms at the mission. Our way to say "thank you" for being a mom to those little ones in need.
 We brought the TN Baptist Children's Home girls in to help to show them what it is like to give back, even when their own circumstances are not great.

 We have seen you come out and support us at our Fallapalooza fall family event.
 We have seen you support your friends and family who are adopting by purchasing a t shirt from OH to benefit their adoption.
 This allowed us to give out over $10,000 in grant money to adoptive families!!
 You have supported us at our first ever benefit dinner in the spring of this year.
  And of course the most exciting part of all.....
 Is seeing those orphans who have sat on the waiting list, find their forever families.
We thank all of you who have signed up for our Speak Up campaign this year and played such an important part in helping us advocate for these precious orphans. 

Thank you for the most amazing first year for Ordinary Hero! We can't wait to see what 2011 holds.
All of us on the OH team......
And from my family to yours...


  1. Kelly,
    So thankful you have provided an outlet for so many of us to serve. Thank you for all you are doing. It truly is changing lives....Can't wait to get our orphan home....Hoping to travel in January for embassy date....
    Much Love, Melanie

  2. This is amazing! Thanks for being a forerunner and calling us to action. Your blog inspired my husband and I to sponsor a child in Kora this year and we feel so blessed! (I also contacted you via email about a year ago with questions about adoption and you were so quick to get back to me. Well, in the process of that we found out we were pregnant, so adoption thoughts were put on forward to Christmas 2010...our newest treasure is four weeks old and we are stepping out with AGCI to our Ethiopian adoption this year. God is so gooooood! God bless and Merry Christmas!!!
    --Rory Cookman

  3. What an amazing organization. I'm proud to know about your work and to help out in whatever small way we do. Thank you so much for caring about others.

    amber corbin

  4. I just recently found your blog and have been spending quite a few hours reading, crying, and praying. I am so touched by what you are doing, and feel like I am being called to do more. I will continue praying to figure out exactly what that is, but I wanted to thank you for all the amazing things you are doing. We all need to live our lives serving those less fortunate. Merry Christmas!

  5. Wow!! I say all the time that I want to be just like you when I grow up! Ha! I had no idea this was only your first year.....look at all you accomplished! Amazing....God is SO amazing!!!

  6. Ordinary Hero is just amazing. It is so refreshing to see regular people doing things here at home and internationally. I hope to be just like you.