Thursday, June 16, 2011

Small Team Off To ET, New Grant Giveaway, New OH Country Music Artist Supporter

Ok....trying to get back in the swing of blog land and get caught up. Summers with 6 kids home and running OH....well....Whoo! Soooo.......

First big news is we just sent off a small team of 3, soon to be 4 to Ethiopia in order to bring some much needed help to Ashli this summer with Restoration orphanage. I'm super excited about this group of young adults who have such a big heart to serve! One of them happens to be my daughter, Lauren. She, Whitney, Zack, and Caitlin are going to dive in, hearts first, to provide some hands on support for the kiddos in this orphanage. I will have Lauren blog while there so hopefully we will get some updates soon. So, in the meantime, Lauren, Zack, and Whitney fly out today and Caitlin joins them the first of July. Keep them all in your prayers. They literally just sent me this pic of them in the airport.

 Snapped this pic of Lauren at the airport about to fly to DC to meet up with the rest of them.
Ashli sent me this pic of some donations that she has received for the orphanage. She is thrilled! Thank you all for supporting the kids at Restoration Orphanage. It is truly making a difference.

Second......IT'S TIME!!


Starting tomorrow, Friday at 12:01am,  all the way through Tuesday at 11:59 pm we are offering grants to the top 3 affiliates with the highest sales from the OH store at the end of Tuesday. OH will give each of the top 3 selling affiliates a $500 grant!! Yes that is $1500 we are giving away! So affiliates get ready to put your selling caps on. If you are not an OH affiliate yet but would like to be, go to our AFFILIATE INFO PAGE to learn how to sign up. Don't miss out on a chance to get an extra $500 toward your adoption or mission trip on top of the 40% you receive in commission from all of your sales. If you purchase on behalf of an affiliate don't forget to click on their Affiliate name in the drop down menu during checkout in order for them to receive the 40% credit. 

Ok, NEXT........
You all must check out this rising new country artist. Mackey Roberts is launching his new album very soon. He is an AWESOME country singer, OH supporter, family man, and great guy! You all will LOVE this album when it comes out! You can also pre order a copy. In the meantime enjoy this new video showcasing the making of his new album and check out the OH tee he is sporting in at least 3 shots from this video!! :) You can also find him on FACEBOOK

CLICK HERE to go to the direct link or watch it below.

And lastly.....just for fun.....Check out this picture someone sent me. She said she was driving down the road and saw this window on someone's house and thought of us, and stopped and snapped the pic. Ha! I'm thinking these are the windows for sure of our OH orphanage one day!! Thanks for sending, Brooke!

Have a great day everyone!!

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  1. Wow this is just amazing...I hope my husband and I can join you guys some day!! I have to know where the guy in the airport pic got his "Man Up" t-shirt!? I have to get one for my husband...I love it!!