Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Who Gives A Sheep?

Well......32 of you do! Ha! I just couldn't help myself :) I am thrilled to announce that we have had 22 whole sheep purchased and 10 half sheep purchased in the Ordinary Hero Store. So that is 27 whole sheep that we will be giving to children in need in Ethiopia! That is a whole herd ;) We leave with our first mission team on July 7, which is drawing near. I am super excited to see what great things will come out of this trip! Our second team will follow the first team over to ET the middle of July. That is between 50-60 of you Ordinary Heroes joining us as we travel to Ethiopia to serve the orphans this July! Many lives were changed last year as a result of our mission trip to Ethiopia. I want to thank those of you who have given to these children we will be serving by purchasing the sheep, donation combos, shoes, blankets, raincoats, etc, from our OH store. You will get to follow along and watch us give it all away in July.

One life that was completely rocked last year was Ashli's, who you all have seen me talk about on this blog. If you missed her story, you can read it HERE. She came back wrecked to serve and packed her bags and moved to Ethiopia last November after she had experienced ET with OH for the first time last July. She has recently begun the process of turning Restoration Orphanage around and providing the needs of the malnourished children because of so many of you stepping up to help her through your donations. We just can't thank you enough. Your donations truly are life saving and life changing for these children. She last reported that there is now only one baby that is still under weight. When she first started at this orphanage there were many, many more. That is the difference that you all are making through your support. She will need continued support throughout the year in order to keep it all running smoothly. If you might be interested in supporting monthly you may do so by clicking HERE and putting Restoration Orphanage in the memo. If it is monthly support, please let us know that as well. We will be visiting this orphanage in July where you all will get to see the fruit of your donations.

Also, don't forget we have our new apparel in the OH Store right now. We have this awesome new Girl's tee.....

We have this awesome new boy's tee....

We have this awesome "Change The World For One" Women's V-neck Burnout Tee....

We also have new Bead Cuff Bracelets.... can use the '5off' coupon at checkout and get $5 off the bangle and metal cuff bracelets. 
All this can be found in our Ordinary Hero Store. 
Through your purchase you help CHANGE THE WORLD FOR ONE. 
Thank you!!

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