Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Little Liam Got A New Room!!

What an amazing blessing for this family!! A group of Ordinary Heroes in Nashville, TN discovered the needs of one special little boy, named Liam, and went to work to help this family. Some of you may remember a recent email I sent out requesting help with this. It read.....

Meet Liam.  Liam is a very special 11 year old who has been diagnosed with a genetic disorder that has left him profoundly deaf and blind, among other challenges. Liam and his family live in the Nashville area.  Liam spends most of his day in a room that is ill-equipped to meet his needs or the needs of his parents, who are his primary caregivers.  With hardwood floors, bare walls, inadequate storage, a bed that is too small, and an exposed fireplace/hearth, his room is not a fun or exciting place for him to learn and grow.  His parents, Amy and Jeremy, lost another child to this same disorder several years ago and are in a tough place emotionally and financially, as Jeremy lost his job several months ago and they continue to care for their family and pay off medical/hospital bills.  Let's be heroes to this family!  We are collecting funds and materials to redo Liam's room as well as address other needs that the family has.

Well.....You all came through for this family and we can't thank you enough! Read the latest email from Hannah, who was in charge of this outreach.

Hi everyone!  As some of you know, last Saturday was the big day for Liam's room makeover... let me just start by saying that it was INCREDIBLE!  Many thanks to our volunteers who came out that day to make it happen!  It came together so beautifully and even the smallest details were taken care of and turned out wonderfully.  God's hand was truly over the project in the weeks leading up to the day as well as the day itself.  I wish I had time and email space to share the stories of His provision for this family as we pulled this room together.  We had some wonderful ladies do an impromptu reorganization/spruce up of his little sister, Fiona's, room... she declared it "The best day of my life!"  It was wonderful to be able to give her some love too!  Also, thanks to some generous donations, we were able to shower Liam's mom, Amy, with a basket full of goodies to pamper herself with like a facial, massage, and haircut... she truly deserves some pampering!  My favorite moment of the day was the big reveal - the family was completely blown away by everything that all of you gave to make the room a special place for Liam.  They (and I) are so, so, so, so, so grateful for your generous hearts and selflessness to help make their dreams for this precious boy come true.  

Now take a moment to hear from this family, hear their story, and see the incredible makeover by watching this video.....It is truly heartwarming!! Click here to go to direct link or silence music on right sidebar and watch below. We can all be an Ordinary Hero to someone......  Special thanks to Hannah and everyone who donated, helped, and loved on this family.

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