Monday, September 12, 2011

Remembering 9/11 ~ 10 Years Ago

I'm sure like me, most of you have been watching the recaps of 9/11 on TV and have felt such sadness, yet such a sense of true heroism by watching and hearing the stories that came out of such tragedy. In an instant our country was torn apart, yet it was also bonded by the heroism of the men and women that gave their lives that day to save those who fell victim. My own brother was a New York City firefighter who was off duty that day at home with his wife and their brand new baby. He got the call and he responded, ready to help his co workers who were like his brothers, rescue those who were stuck in the towers. He made it as far as a bridge on the outskirts of the city. They had it closed and they would not let him pass any further. He felt helpless, knowing that his brothers needed him.  Without him by their side, his team of co workers were some of the first responders. He lost many brothers that day as they selflessly ran into the towers to save those who were stuck, never able to make it back down themselves before it crumbled to the ground. His own life was spared, but he spent the remaining months working night and day, sorting through debris, looking for any sign of life. He did pull one life from the buried debris of what looked like a war zone which is what fed his spirit the hope it needed to keep going in such circumstances. My brother, Michael, was spared that day because he happened to be at home with his wife and new baby. There were many Mommy's and Daddy's that didn't make it home that day. They are forever in our hearts. They are not forgotten. Their lives carry on through their children and their family. THEY ARE HEROES.

I found this video which puts the loss into perspective for one little girl who misses her Daddy. We forget how fast time flies. Make each day count. Be thankful for each day you have with your loved ones. God Bless those who have been directly affected by 9/11. God Bless our Heroes of America.
Click here to go to the direct link or watch it below and silence my music on the right sidebar.
 Grab your tissues.....

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