Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sponsorship Vision Trip to Ethiopia Next Week

Ordinary Hero Soon To Launch Sponsorship Program!!!

6 of us crazy OH girls will be traveling to Ethiopia next week to work the ground and get our OH sponsorship program set up. We have had several of you who have emailed us interested in sponsoring some of the beautiful children we serve. We also have OH team mission trip members who are always left with heavy hearts wanting to help, after meeting some of the children we serve in some of the more rural communities. Well, now we are going to take this opportunity to hit the ground running next week, make connections, find the kids, find the schools, and get things put into place for you to be able to sponsor children in need in Ethiopia. The exciting thing is that we will always encourage and provide an opportunity for you to personally meet your sponsored child on our team trips :) I have seen eyes opened, lives changed and life-long relationships formed through the gift of sponsorship. We, at OH, hope to give you this amazing opportunity to CHANGE THE WORLD FOR ONE through child and family sponsorship. We will be on the ground in Ethiopia for one week heading out next Thursday. I will be posting updates, pictures of the kids needing sponsorship and showing you some of the remote villages we will be visiting. I invite you to follow along with the 6 of us. 

Now let me introduce you to our Sponsorship Vision Power Team. First I will introduce you to the Fabulous Three from Utah who have stepped up to help with this sponsorship program!! All you Utah folks can proudly follow these three next week.....

First, we have Deborah, from St George, Utah. Deborah is married with 8 kiddos, two of which are domestically adopted. Deborah has stepped up to be our official OH Sponsorship Coordinator. So if you have questions regarding sponsorship opportunities, or if you would like to be added to the list of potential sponsors,  be sure to email Deborah traveled with OH Team 1 in July, 2011 to Ethiopia and met her sponsored child, Muluken (otherwise known as Winker), through the P61 program. She now wants to help others experience the amazing gift of sponsorship. 

Next we have Stacy, from Lindon, Utah. Some of you may remember her from our very first OH Team trip in July 2010 of last year. She is married with two domestically adopted children and a great BIG heart for Ethiopia. She is now returning with us to help launch this sponsorship program. 

Next we have Beverly who lives in Orem, Utah. She is married with six kiddos(three pictured below), two of which are twins adopted domestically. She is excited to help with this sponsorship program.

Next, for all of you Tucson folks, we have Sarah, from Tucson, Arizona. She is newly married to her husband, Josh. She absolutely loves children and is pictured below with her two nieces. Her husband is a  pediatric dentist who is looking into ways to help the children of Ethiopia on future trips. 

Next we have Amy, from Hopkinsville, Ky. Amy is one of my long-time best friends. She currently lives in my Hometown in Ky. She has 4 kiddos and is in the process of adopting an older boy from Ethiopia, whom she will meet for the first time on this trip. Her 16 yr old daughter, Elizabeth, traveled with us on our OH Team 1 trip in July this year. Amy is super excited to help us launch this Sponsorship program and get the Ky folks involved.

Finally, all of you should know me by now. I'm Kelly, from the Nashville, TN area. Busy mom of 6, one adopted from Ethiopia. I am pictured below with my sponsored child in Ethiopia whom I have grown to love dearly. I have watched his life change through sponsorship and I can't wait to offer this life changing experience to all of you.  These kids need us....they need you. So excited about this big week we have planned! Feel free to email Deborah if you wish to inquire about children you see us with next week. Can't wait to get back to ET...woo hoo!!

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