Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Four times in a row!!!

Congratulations again to MEGAN CHAFFEE of Indiana on earning the daily $100 grant 4 days in a row!!

So far, in just 4 days, Megan has sold $1,370.87 in product for a total of $548.36 in her affiliate account. Add in the $400 in grant money and she already has $948.36 to go towards bringing her baby HOME!!!

Here are some cuties whose parents have purchased OH gear on behalf of Megan and her family...

This is Jack, and in Megan's words, "he is amazing and so are his parents."
You look awesome in your shirt Jack and we believe you CAN and WILL change the world! 

Here's Nora. She can't WAIT to have a playdate with the Chaffee's new little world changer.

Alright, keep it up Megan!! And the rest of you affiliates, it's not too late to jump in! Remember, $100 given away every day (until October 21) to the top seller with sales over $250. 

Click here to visit our Ordinary Hero Store. And click here to sign up as an affiliate.

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