Monday, October 15, 2012

Third Time is The Charm!

Wow, MEGAN CHAFEE won the $100 Grant Giveaway for the THIRD TIME in a row!! 

You have some awesome supporters in this Grant Giveaway! 
Megan and her family are #1 on the referral list right now in their adoption! 

Remember we are giving a $100 Grant Giveaway everyday through Sunday to the highest selling affiliate with sales over $250. Anyone can jump in at any time to raise funds for your adoption or mission trip! This money adds up fast! All our affiliates receive 40% of each sale made on their behalf. THEN, sell over $250(which gets you $100 commission) and it qualifies you to possibly win the $100 Grant Giveaway as the highest seller of the day. We are also offering a $500 grant to the overall top seller of the whole grant giveaway period of Fri, Oct 12 through Sun, Oct 21.
If you are fundraising for an adoption or mission trip, be sure to sign up as an OH fundraising affiliate and jump in this giveaway! 

Congrats, Megan!!!
Your total sales for yesterday were $299.53 which automatically gave you $119.82 into your account. 
Now add the $100 grant and it puts an extra $219.82 into your account in one day! 
Your total commission and grant wins since this giveaway started puts an extra $725.69 into your account in 3 days!!!

Ok, folks....She needs some competition :-) 

Who will be awarded the grant giveaway today?

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