Sunday, December 16, 2012

December Grant Recipients

Congratulations to Paige Wilson from Kentucky and Meggan Armbrustmacher from Michigan, our TWO December $500 grant recipients!

Paige and her husband Heath are raising money to adopt again from Ethiopia. They have 3 children, one of whom was adopted from Ethiopia in 2010 and says they knew when they picked up their son that they would be back to adopt again. They have been waiting on God's timing and by an absolute miracle sold the house they needed to sell in just ONE WEEK so they could move into a larger home to accommodate another child. They hope to bring home a daughter sometime in the next year. The Wilson's had $1,352.70 in sales, which is $541.09 in their affiliate account, plus the $500 grant, which means they are $1,041.09 closer to bringing their child home! Woohoo Wilson Family!!

Meggan and her husband Ryan have adopted two children from Ethiopia and said their lives were completely changed when they stepped on Ethiopian soil. They struggled to have children and said that they knew once they started down the adoption road, God would use them for much, much more. Meggan is going back to Ethiopia in June 2013 on a mission trip with another non-profit, Awake and Alive. She will be visiting a school that she, another adoptive mama, and the founders of Awake and Alive, the Shrocks, helped raise money to open in Kechene, Ethiopia. It's a school for the most vulnerable street children in Kechene. She's excited to get back and see all the children at their new school. Meggan got the word out and sold $1,666.12 worth of product, which was $666.46 in her affiliate account. When you add the $500 grant, Meggan has $1,166.46 towards her trip! Great job Meggan!!

We had lots of affiliates jump in on this grant! Remember, affiliates always receive 40% of any sale on which their name is marked as an affiliate. If you need help fundraising for your adoption or mission trip, check out our Fundraising Affiliate program today!

A special thank you to all of YOU who helped these affiliates by purchasing from our Ordinary Hero store.

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  1. Yay!!!! :) So happy for u both.
    GOD Bless you.