Monday, December 17, 2012

Ethiopia, Dec 2012, Day 4 ~ Sunday Beza Church & Scouting New Facility for H4H

Our teams really enjoy going to Beza International Church! It is an English speaking service. The worship consists of songs that many of us know and can sing along to. The worship and the message always stirs your heart like no other. There is just something about hearing God's word and singing His songs in Africa that grabs your heart in a powerful way. 

Our future Ethiopian representative, Bira, has been hanging with us all week! He is always so great at helping with the young boys we come across. Here he is sitting with Brahanu, from H4H, whom we invited to come to church with us. 

Two more of the H4H girls joined us for church as well. They seemed to really love it. This was little Beza's first time coming. She has the same name as the church, ha! 

My other awesome Ethiopian friend, Eden and her cousin joined us for church as well.
It's always so great to see Eden. She has a heart of gold!

After church we went to Lime Tree restaurant. It's always a favorite!

This was Brahanu and Beza's first time ever eating at a restaurant. 
 She was so funny, she wanted me to take a picture of her putting the food in her mouth :-) 

We took the H4Hopeless kids back to their center and got to visit with all of them again. 
We all really love these kids! 

 Speaking of the Hope 4 Hopeless Center, they do so much to take in as many street children as they can, and they are in DESPERATE need of moving to a new facility. 
Our team took the afternoon and went with the directors on a little scouting adventure to see if we could find them a potential new center to move into. 
We think we may have found a good one that would really give them room for the kids they have and allow them to bring in 40 children into the drop-in center, rather than the 18 they have now, sleeping two to a twin bed. 
If you would be interested in donating toward this new drop-in shelter please email It is SO needed and will be a HUGE blessing to these awesome kids. 

We had a great day 4 in Ethiopia! 
Get ready for our day 5 where we pass out the mega load of donkey and sheep thanks to all of you who have purchased them from our OH Store! 

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  1. YUM! Lime Tree :) French fries never tasted as good as they did that day at Lime Tree :) Thanks for the detailed postings. I know it takes time and sometimes more than just a bit of effort to post. God bless you for your faithfulness in not just posting to post, but posting in detail to make a difference. Praying all those kiddoes you took the time to introduce us to get sponsored. Keeping you covered! :) JOY, darlene