Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ethiopia, Dec 2012, Day 5~ Market, Massive Sheep & Donkey Drop, and Adorable Orphans for the day!

Our day 4 in Ethiopia  was one that won't be forgotten!
We started out our day by visiting the market. We have special young friends that work at the market either begging or shining shoes, or selling gum or toothbrushes. We see them each time we come and we always look forward to meeting up with them again. They were the first ones to greet us when we arrived. 

 I found another special friend, still wearing the Ordinary Hero jacket we gave him last summer. 
 We left the market to head over to the No Ordinary Love Ministries center. With their help of organizing it all, we are giving 54 donkey and 100 sheep to the people that live in their community that are in great need. Yes, I said 54 donkey and 100 sheep all at once! We have never given that much at once before. We pulled in close to the center just as a truck load of donkey were arriving as well. What a great sight! This is all possible because of all of you who have purchased donkey and sheep through our OH Store. Even better is that most of these donkey and sheep were purchased to help support an adoption or mission trip! Its the donkey and sheep that keep on giving!! 
 It was a sight to watch them unload this mass of donkey.

Our team along with the staff at NOL was getting a great joy out of all of this craziness. 

 Lincoln and Scotty were great at helping to herd them into the compound in order to be given to the women. 
 We really love our partnership with NOL Ministries. Jimmy and Rachel and their kids are the best! 
 Yes, just mingling with the donkey....no biggie :-) 

 Jimmy and Rachel's children were a big help. They loved the animals and made sure they were all being taken care of nicely. 

 These are some of the women that work carrying wood or water for miles. They will be some of the recipients of the donkey.

 Jimmy and Rachel and their family live in Ethiopia running their ministry to help women and children in need. 
 It was neat to watch the women leaving with their new blessing. 
 Next come the 100 sheep!

 They arrived all loaded up in a truck. All the guys started loading them off one by one....
 until there was a massive sheep farm!
 Again, time to start herding the sheep! I have to say that Anita, growing up as a farm girl, gets the sheep herder award for the day! She handled those sheep like a professional.

 What a blessing all these sheep and donkey were! 

 We did the math and figured out that 100 sheep will feed 5000 people!!! It's like a story from the bible!
We heard from one of the guys in charge of organizing all this, who was telling us that this has never happened before for these people. They will all now have Christmas dinner that can feed their entire extended family. He said they were so blessed by all of it and grateful. 

After we finished up the donkey and sheep drop, we headed over for a visit to an orphanage in town that is run by some of the sweetest nuns you will ever meet. 
 She showed my team all around the orphanage and explained how everything is run. 

 Some of us made our way to the baby room. It is always so incredible to see so many little lives just staring into your eyes with undecided futures ahead of them. You just look at them and wonder what God has in store for them. They are precious! Its a great time to just hold as many as you can and pray over their sweet little lives. 

I met this adorable little guy! I heard through the grapevine that he is paper ready and looking for a family. 
 We all made special friends that stole our hearts. 

 When the older kids got home from school, we enjoyed spending some time with them. 

It was another awesome packed day in Ethiopia! Our team is so blessed to be able to show God's love to these amazing children and families that we are able to bless each day of our trip! 
Thank you to those of you who support Ordinary Hero. It is because of you that we are able to continue to do what we do. We are currently looking for end of year support by those of you who can give $13.58 per month. That equals $163 a year, on behalf of the 163 million orphans in the world that we are trying to bring hope to. CLICK HERE to sign up to become an Ordinary Hero monthly partner. 
We can't thank you enough!!

Now on to day 6 in Ethiopia, coming soon! 

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  1. Awe you went to KM!! LOVE little sister L! We will be there in a few weeks. My Abel is from there... <3 Many blessings to you!!