Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April Ethiopia, Day 2 and 3, 2013

 Our days are flying by here in Ethiopia. We haven't had the best internet so the updates are not consistent. We left out on our second day in Ethiopia and drove by a couple of orphanages to get a preview of what we would be seeing during our trip. We then went to lunch at Island Breeze which is always a team favorite!

 Our next stop was to visit the behind the scenes of the ministry Fashionable. The Ethiopia manufacturing portion of this ministry is run by Ian and Brittany Bentley. This ministry partners with Women at Risk and pulls women out of prostitution into a secure job of making these beautiful scarves that are sold in boutiques and within ministries in the US.
 It is truly amazing to see such hardwork and dedication that is put into making these scarves.

 My team had no problem wiping out MANY scarves in order to help this ministry. The more you purchase, the more you are helping, so all of you family at home get ready for some scarves.

 Jenny was able to meet up with a little girl that she had met on her last trip. She was so excited to meet this little girl again and also meet her aunt who is taking care of her. It was a nice surprise for Jenny, as our friend Bira brought the little girl over to surprise her.

 Our first stop on day 2 was to an orphanage. This team had no problem loving on these sweet children.

This orphanage is run by the sweetest nuns you have ever met.

My team made some great  little friends at this orphanage.

Our next stop was to a ministry called Adera that helps at risk children in a day care and feeding program.

My team was able to feed over 200 children a school lunch that this ministry provides because their family is too poor to send a lunch for them.
You would be amazed at how a team of 30 can get some things done!

This school was packed with kids. Our team was blessed to be able to serve them.

We will continue with our exciting day 2 and our trip up to Entoto Mountain to serve the women who carry the heavy loads on their backs on our next post. Stay tuned!

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  1. Thanks for the pics that are always worth a thousand words!! Praying.