Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ethiopia, April 2013, Day 5 ~ Hope For The Hopeless, Countryside

 Our fifth day in Ethiopia began with our team heading outside the city to the Hope For The Hopeless orphanage that sits in the countryside. There are always neat things to behold in the countryside that you don't see in the city. 

 Our project for the day was to paint the orphanage that the kids live in. The kids that live here were found living on the streets. They are put in the drop-in center to heal and restore. After some time, if there is no family to be found for them, then they are taken to live in the orphanage in the countryside. The orphanage was in need of new paint, inside and out. The kids that live in the orphanage are some of the sweetest children we met on the whole trip. They deserve to have their surroundings and living conditions made to be beautiful as they are. It is a perfect job for a team of 30! 
 Everyone rolled up their sleeves and got to work on this big project. 
Deborah, Sonja, Kim
 This was the best team! With very limited rollers and brushes, they all were very resourceful and worked hard in record time to make this place beautiful. 
 Shane and Annika

 Pete and Rachael
 Dan and Allyssa
 Jenny and Logan
 Becky and Katie
 Megan and Morgan
 Beth and Courtney
 Annabelle, Brenna, and Lacey

 Everyone went to work, including our guide, Gecho! 

 We all connected with our special young friends! 
I even found a picture of my family hanging in one of the boys rooms. It just goes to show how much these kids appreciate relationships and support. 
These are some awesome kids! 

 We brought each child in and gave them a Blessing Bag. 
Thank you to all who donated Blessing Bags for our trip!
The kids were thrilled to have their own goodie bag!

 Late that afternoon the kids all came home from school and were very surprised to see how beautiful their home was, thanks to our team. 
Everyone really bonded with the kids and enjoyed the last part of their day just getting to know them and seeing the children that will benefit from their hard work that day. 
 We drove back into town and ate dinner at a small hotel in order to take advantage of their wifi. :-) 
It didn't take long for our team to completely fill up the place. 

 When you bring 30 people, plus our guides and young friends, into a restaurant, we tend to take it over, ha! To complete our awesome day, there was a man staying in the hotel that started talking to some of our team. He was from Oklahoma, like two of our team members, and he was there on business. He was so moved by our team and all that we were doing in Ethiopia that he 
Wow!! What a blessing and nice surprise that was!! 
Thank you, Johnnie Sanders, for your kind heart toward our team! 
Everyone was blown away by your kindness!
It was so great to meet you!! 
That wraps up our fifth day in Ethiopia. 
More exciting adventures coming up on day 6!

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