Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ethiopia April Team 2013, Day 1

Our April OH Ethiopia team has arrived and we are running full force ahead on the ground in Ethiopia this week! Our team consists of a large group of some of our fans from the North Dakota area, pictured above, plus a handful of the rest of us from different parts of the US. I am thrilled to lead this team of 30, two not pictured below.
 For many on our team, this is the first time over seas. It was an exciting time for everyone as we all got settled in for the 13 hour flight across the ocean!
 As we landed in Ethiopia I ran into the Bell Family, who happens to be traveling for their first court date to adopt one of the older waiting children that I have been advocating for! Their little girl came up to me and said she knew me. They immediately recognized me and pulled out a sweet picture of their soon to be son that I had taken while advocating for him. I just love how God brings everything full circle and allows such neat confirmations! I'm so thrilled for this family and that little boy! I'm so glad we ran into each other all the way across the world as we all share the same heart and like passions for the orphan.
 We arrived on Sunday morning so we went to Beza International Church to catch some of their praise and worship. It is always such a neat experience for the team to experience church in Ethiopia, especially when it is in English, singing songs that they hear at home. It shows just how big our God is.
 We decided to spend the rest of the day in Korah. Of  course we had all our favorite guides and OH representatives! We love Bissy, Gecho, and Bira!
 We walked through Korah, being led by Bissy and Pastor Tesfye. We went on many home visits in order to pray for the families.

 The sights in Korah cannot be explained through pictures. It is always a very moving day for the team to take in the way that the people live in Korah under such extreme poverty conditions.

 Korah is the trash dump community of Addis Ababa. Many families live out of the dump.

 Most homes are made from mud, sticks, and tin roofs, or plastic.

 The team was introduced to the Pastoral team at the church within Korah. These men grew up in Korah and now have such a huge heart to make a difference in their community after God has risen them from such poverty, themselves.

 Many of the women we prayed for were struck with Leprosy. It truly is like walking through a scene in the bible.

Our home visits came to a close and we went back to the guest house for a time of rest, showers, dinner, and group discussion. This is always the hardest day, physically, on the team as we arrive in the morning in Ethiopia when in America it is around midnight. So not much sleep and running on pure adrenaline, makes for a tired team at the end of the day. We had a great discussion and prayer time and heard from each team member what they were impacted from the most. After a few tears and many touched, and overwhelmed hearts, we called it a day. We look forward to our Day 2 on the ground in Ethiopia with this awesome team!


  1. I sure hope you all have safe travels and a wonderful time doing His work! He is by your side and walks with you while your hearts overflow with joy and happiness! I wish I could be there to physically help ... but I will be praying for you all. Praying for your health, your safety, your happiness, and most of all, your work and generosity that will fill these folks' lives and enrich them and bless them in so many ways! Most of all, I hope you come away from this adventure with actually being the most blessed ... as you'll be doing His work and getting the feeling and blessing of knowing that your lives have been forever changed! God Bless :D

  2. thanks for sharing so as to share the trip with us at home! praying! :)

  3. It was so great to be able to meet you and the team on your first day. Pastor Tesfaye and I were able to have some great discussions regarding the work that your teams have done. Thank you for being a part of a church that I hold so dearly. Adam