Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween~Shelter Outreach 2009

I wanted to share some pics from our Halloween~Shelter Outreach 2009. Many, many thanks go out to all of you who helped make this day possible for these children. We had some wonderful donations come in, in the form of $$, costumes, grab bag stuff for the moms, etc. I also have to throw out special thanks to all of the volunteers who showed up to help. You all were awesome with the kids. I can't believe that this was the fourth year in a row that we have had this outreach. It was another successful event. The moms and kids were so, so blessed to be able to get away for a day and have some fun with their kids. I wish I would have had a video camera when I walked up. First, I was dressed like spiderwoman which I thought would add to the excitement. I will suggest everyone who shows up to help next year dress up in costume. The kids just love getting special attention much more by spider girl, I think. But, when we walked up carrying all of their costumes they started jumping up and down with excitement and had the biggest grins on their faces. As we were passing out the costumes to each child, one mom said it seemed like Christmas. That was the atmosphere that we created for them which was so exciting.

They turned out sooooo cute in their costumes....their big grins say it all :)

We also passed out goody bags to the moms which they loved (Thanks, Robin for the great Clinique makeup donations and Carol D for the houseshoes and goodies)
The moms love seeing their little ones all dressed up in their favorite costume.
Some awesome volunteers helping one sweet little angel.
Have you ever seen a cuter Dora??
You might remember these two cuties from our backpack outreach. Well, they made one cute princess and one adorable spiderman.
She is modeling her new bag that was made for her by the sweet girls from the TN Baptist Children's home (see post below).

Lots of little princesses. It's so much fun to dress up.

More awesome volunteers. I couldn't have pulled it all off without them.
We've got Hannah Montana and cute:)

Time to go.....

More volunteers met us at the festival, ready to help with all the little kiddos.
This mom enjoyed showing off her precious little lady bug.
Melissa met back up with her kiddos that she bonded with at last year's event. She ended up being a blessing to them at Christmas last year as well and has become friends with their mother, who she keeps in touch with.
This big smile makes it all worth the effort to pull all this off for these kids.

This mom was so thankful for the help that this volunteer gave her while helping with her children at the festival.

Spiderman is getting a lift from his new friend.

This volunteer brought her daughter and was able to help this mom who had a little girl about her daughter's age. They played together for the day and had so much fun. This event is all about opening our own children's eyes to those less fortunate and showing them that they are no different than them, only with different circumstances in life.

New friendships were formed all day by these little ones and all the special helpers.

This volunteer had a little one for each of her own kiddos to hang out with for the day. Yes, she juggled all four of them and did an amazing job.
There is a whole book in the story of the little one below. I will get into that at another time but God is an awesome God. He has had this child in the palm of his hand right from the beginning while still in her mother's womb when I first met her mother as a resident of the shelter at the 2006 outreach. She is pictured below with her soon to be, new adopted Dad. She and her birthfamily and all the amazing families who have stepped up to help this little one and all her siblings are such inspirations.

This little one loved her new friend.

Yes, for some, they even had their first pony ride.

Ok, check out our new OH tee's. The back is pictured above,and the front is pictured below. It has our slogan, "Change the World for One." As soon as I get on the ball I will put them on the site for purchase.

None of us can change the whole world....but we can change the world for one.

My little Nathan found his Injera at the Ethiopian food stand at the festival.
He had not had Injera since he lived in Ethiopia and I didn't even know if he would want it, or remember it, but as soon as he saw it he lit up with excitement and tore into it.

The best part about the whole day was that all three of the raffle drawings went to 3 of the moms at the shelter. There were only 3 drawings for two ipods and a laptop. How good is God that all three of these random drawings went to bless these moms. They were brought to tears. One mom just cried and said how the Lord knew her situation and how much this would bless her family to win the laptop.

This mom won an ipod and immediately handed it to her daughter and said "Happy Birthday". It had just been her daughter's birthday and she hadn't had anything to give to her. Tell me that God didn't hear this momma's prayers :)
This mom gave all glory to God and the new Ipod to her son.

All the kiddos were pooped by the end of the day. One big long day of fun.

This little one below was so sweet. He ran up to one of our pastor's and wrapped his arms around him right before we boarded the buses to head back to let him know how much fun he had.

Yes, my picture, courtesy of Batman.....I am the proud church bus driver.
What an awesome day it was for all these children that reside at the Family Life Center. It seems like such a small thing to do, to just bring some kids costumes and get them to a fall festival. But it creates such life long, happy memories for them at one of their greatest times of need.
That is how to be an Ordinary a child in need.


  1. great pics! we had a blast! what's next? we are ready to have more fun and love on more kids!

  2. I LOVE THIS! We live in a small community but you have my brain in overdrive!!!

    I am totally digging those shirts and looking forward to the opportunity to own one or 2!