Sunday, November 8, 2009

Orphan Sunday

Hello to all of you out there in orphan world. As you may already know, today is orphan Sunday. We here at OH would like to spend today on behalf of this adorable little guy who needs you to speak up for him. He has been sitting on my waiting children list on the Ordinary Hero site for far too long. I have copied and pasted his info below off of my site. But bottom line is.....this little guy needs a home. Most of you who come to this blog have a heart for the orphan and the widow. in this case, we have both. This little guy's father was killed in a tragic accident and left his mother widowed, poor, and unable to care for him. So you want to talk about helping the orphan AND the widow.....Wow, you can bless them both with this little dude. He pulls on my heartstrings because his situation is a lot like my son's situation with his own birthmom, who I was so blessed to be able to meet this past June. As the tears flowed from her eyes and she threw her hands up to God in thanks, she kept kissing me over and over with gratitude. You see, she is deaf and poverty stricken and loved her son enough to give him a better life. This is exactly what this mom is doing as well for this little guy. Trust me, I have seen it, and experienced it first hand. This little boy is no different than my Nathan and he has every opportunity just sitting ahead of him ready to take on the world if just one family will give him that opportunity. Could that family be you? Could you copy and paste this on your blog and help find that family? We can all pull together to Speak Up on this child's behalf and give him the chance in life that he deserves.....that every orphan deserves. Let this orphan Sunday have special meaning this year as you help or even discover your place in this little guy's life. To read the story on me meeting my son's birthmom to put it into perspective for you you may click here.

Happy Orphan Sunday to you all and thank you for having such a heart for the orphan.

(copied from my OH site)
This adorable 8 year old seems to have all the talent. He loves football in his spare time and he is successfully learning English in the 4th grade.
He is said to be a very bright, healthy, active child just longing for an opportunity to use his talents to his fullest potential.
You would never know by his warm smile and his sweet spirit that this child has experienced his share of tragedy as he lost his father due to a construction accident. He is now living with his mother who has no employment and struggles while trying to care for him while living in extreme poverty. Because of their extreme living conditions his mother has placed him up for adoption in hopes that a better future is in store for him. She longs for her son to live a blessed life, a life where all his dreams can come true.

This child is living with his mother at the moment while waiting to be transferred to Hannah’s Hope Orphanage. This child’s birthmother longs for her son to have a father to throw the football with and a father that can teach him to grow into a man of God. She longs for him to have a mother who can love him, nurture him, and help him learn all the great things that this world has to offer that he would otherwise never get to experience. This child needs a Hero to show him his destiny and point him on the road towards it.

If you have any questions for me I can be reached at .
John 14:18
I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.


  1. Kelly I can't believe he has not been chosen yet. He is so precious. I fell in love with him too. I copied and pasted what you wrote on my journal on Journey To Me. I pray that God will raise up the right family soon for him. I saw a video awile back of him with his sister and mom and it just made me cry. He is so sweet. He is so well behaved and kind.
    Thank you for your amazing heart for the orphan!
    God BLess, Heidi

  2. I am praying for a family for him. Such a precious boy and a heart rending story. Thank you for advocating for him.