Saturday, April 17, 2010

Good news

The 7 mo old boy I posted about has a new family. Birthmom chose a family for him and is in the process of meeting them...Yay!

Also, we sent out a Speak Up about a sibling group in Ethiopia whose father was dead and their mother had recently been murdered. They were a boy age 3, a girl age 2 and another girl age 1. They were in desperate need of a family and they now have gotten 5 inquiries. Yay again!!

We will be sending out a Speak up soon about a little girl. I am still waiting on her age and medical prognosis but she is beautiful and very fragile. She is extremely malnourished and needs a family. She is little bitty....can't be older than two.

I am working with a director of an agency who goes into extreme poverty stricken areas in Ethiopia and finds these children. She travels once a month, herself, and finds these children in very run down orphanages. We will be meeting up with her on our Ethiopia trip in July and personally meeting these children and advocating for them. They are all in great need. I can't wait to get my hands on them and share their personalities and their needs with all of you. I am confident that children will get adopted through our efforts of traveling to Ethiopia and connecting with them and making the orphan cry very loud and real.

Stay tuned for the upcoming Speak up email. If you are not on our list yet, you can contact and just say "Add me to Speak Up" .

Blessings :)

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