Thursday, April 15, 2010

A local Nashville Opportunity to help a young mom

I just received this from my friend, Kristi. They are pastors of an inner city church in Nashville. Their family moved to east Nashville in order to serve the people within the inner city of Nashville.

She is requesting items for a young mother who recently gave birth to a preemie.

See her email.....

Here's the info on the young woman, Jasmine, I was telling you about.
If you need any more information, let me know. We, through our
non-profit The Greenwood Experience, along with The Edge East, have
worked with this family since 2007.

Jasmine is roughly 19 years old. She has given birth to a 24 week
premature baby. The baby's name is Tiffany. Jasmine has
consistently held a job and is a high school graduate. She's lived on
her own since graduation, handles independence fairly well. She has
always had a means to provide for herself though she probably does get
some public assistance.

Baby Tiffany should be able to come home very soon as she now weighs
4lbs. The Grandmother is hosting a baby shower April 17th at 4 pm.
We are hoping to gather some gently used/new items to help give this
baby and her mom a great start!

Thanks Kelly!

If you would like to donate any baby items to little baby Tiffany and this young mother please contact
Kristi Spring via email at to let her know what you would like to donate.

Also let her know that you saw this on the OH site.

Thanks to all of you Ordinary Heroes for giving so generously to those who need your help.

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