Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hit Your Knees For My Friend

I first have to give a little praise for the Ordinary Hero family. It is so great to see, when a need goes out, that all of us Ordinary people join together to help make a difference. There are children finding their forever families, there are children getting help in difficult situations, there are people rising up to help needy families. This is what it is all about.

There were around 10 people who stepped up to help donate items to baby Tiffany, whom I posted about in a previous post. Thank you, thank you to all of you who stepped up to help.

Now, I must ask for your prayers for a friend who has literally caused me to stop and evaluate everything that is important in life. Her name is Lane Ann and she shines with the courage and strength of Christ as she fights for her life. I met her a couple of years ago in my hometown. She is a bible teacher at a Christian school.Her faith has inspired and brought many teens to God. She is around my age or so and she is also the sister in law to one of my adoption friends whom I've grown to love in my community. She called me and had me come in to share my testimony in an assembly to speak to all the highschool students in her school. Her faith radiated then and it is her true hope now. She has always lived her life to the fullest and never had any problems. Last year, she had some pains that she went to the Dr about. They discovered cancer that had already spread to a stage 4. As this completely shocked and rocked their world they have remained such true examples of Christ through their painful walk. Her husband is in the ministry and she and he together started a blog and have been so real and so candid and so transparent to show everyone truly where their strength comes from as they paint a picture of their lives through this struggle.

This blog needs to be read by everyone. We all feel we have problems at times and we all need to be reminded that God is with us through our storms even when we feel we don't see HIM. It has reminded me that our problems in life don't compare with life itself......and after life... there is God and that's it. He is the one with us now and waits for us then to live free of problems and pain.

Please pray for the Miller family as Lane Ann is said to be growing weaker. Pray for her, her husband, and their children. May God wrap his arms around them during this time. And may their faith continue to inspire and draw others closer to God as their blog radiates God's strength in them through such an unthinkable time.

One thing we can all do is is what get's them through this.

Get your tissues and visit their blog to get an idea of how to pray and be reminded of where all our strength comes from. Go back to their older posts as well. The picture her husband paints and his perspective of God as his heart is being ripped out is just awe inspiring. You will be changed.

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  1. We've been praying for this sweet family. My heart broke and breaks for them and for a little girl named Abby that we are praying for. If you have a moment, please check out their family blog. She has a very aggressive form of leukemia and isn't doing good at all.
    I've mentioned both families on my blog as well. Thank you for reminding us to hit our knees today...we're right there with you.