Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Update on baby girl and new 7mo old AA baby boy available

I know many have prayed for the newborn baby girl i posted about that was up for adoption. Amazingly that birth mom went from having no files to look at, to several files to look at, to choose a family for her daughter. She was taking the first few days to look over profiles when baby became ill. She had some mild complications that were then resolved. But the end result for that baby girl is that the mother decided to keep her and take her home. This is always the risk with domestic adoptions. It is always heartbreaking for the family involved trying to adopt the child but we can never judge until we have put ourselves in the shoes of a mother who just saw part of her own flesh and blood come into this world and then be faced with the brave choice to hand that child over. I am very grateful that there was not a family that had been involved in this adoption from the beginning. I think this is the way it should be. I think that adoptive families should always be notified for the first time after the child is born for the simple fact that the mother might always change her mind and it is less heartbreaking to be involved for a few days and it go south than to be involved for 9 months. But, that is ideal. There are many adoptions that do work out from the beginning but there are those that don't and it is very heartbreaking for the adoptive family. I have seen it many times.
BUT.....that child was prayed over more than she would have ever been because of all of you.....and the end result was that she went home with her young mother. So we must rest in the fact that that was God's will and then we must continue to pray for her and the life she will live with her biological mother. My guess is that the mother bonded with the child when the child became ill. I pray they have a beautiful life together. And God's hand is still on those whose profiles the mother was looking at. He still has a beautiful child waiting for them in His timing.


The director of this same agency contacted me about a 7 month old African American baby boy that is available now.
The birthmom prefers an African American or Interracial couple but will consider a Caucasion couple with AA children.
There was no alcohol or drug use during the pregnancy, however, the birth mother suffers from depression and there is a birth grandfather and uncle who are bi polar. The mother needs no financial help. The estimated cost of this adoption is $20-23,000.
The director only wants to see homestudy ready couples and those with profile/dear birthmother letter.
If you are a full Caucasian couple with no African American children then you would not qualify. If you do not have your homestudy ready then you would not qualify.

If you think you might be a great fit for this baby boy then contact
Jane Bareman
Executive Director
Adoption Associates, Inc

Now let's pray that this baby boy is guided into the arms of his new forever family.

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