Sunday, October 10, 2010


Here are a few sneak peaks from our Fallapalooza event yesterday evening. I am waiting on some pics from the event that someone so graciously took, but in the meantime I am showing some of my sister's pics, as well as some of Shoof below. What a great night it was!! You see Charlene and I above sporting our new OH shirts! Charlene is my faithful OH sidekick. When you email "info", you get Charlene. She is awesome!

I think my nephew's face says it all. All the kids had a blast coloring pictures for kids in Africa.

Above, my little cutie, Nathan, is showing his support for his brother's band, Shoof :)

We had a GREAT turnout. I was thrilled......and what a beautiful night it was!!!
We even had an OH supporter in from GA come for the fun.
Many from the African adoption fellowship group came out. Thank you all for your support :)
Below, you see me with my three sisters. They are all such great Ordinary Heroes. There are 15 kids between us....whoo!
My son, Collin, is in this pic with his friend, Allie. They are both in the Shoof teen band. Collin is sporting one of our new colors in our Africa shirt. They are awesome! Order yours ;)
Our event coordinator is INCREDIBLE! She and her amazing team thought of it all. I am so blessed to have them. Many thanks to Elizabeth and the whole committee!!
We even had the grandest of porta potties.

The kids LOVED the face painting.
Here are all the cousins watching over the baked goods table. We had some of the most delicious baked goods that were baked with love in support of our event. Thanks to everyone who baked :)
Below, I'm standing in front of the Tin Can treats. They have the cutest set up and had such great treats for everyone.
Here you see Dana, our amazing shirt girl, showing off all of her awesome creations. Thanks Dana.
The new kids shirts were a BIG hit!!! Order one for your little world changer today from our sidebar!

My other son, Cam and his friend, are obviously Shoof fans :)

Shoof! Little Connor is even showing off with some behind the back, bass moves.

Shoof, singing with Jason Scheff, lead singer of the hit band, Chicago!!!
Two of Jason's sons are in the Shoof band. It is a lot of fun!
The kids had a blast!
What a beautiful, perfect, fall night it was. I will be posting more pics soon. We had many amazing singers and some awesome Ordinary Heroes at this event. Many thanks to all who came and to those who helped with it.


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  1. there are 16 kids between us all...who did you forget?? Ya gotta include Little "t" now...You know who is getting a blog up and running this week :) kj