Monday, October 11, 2010

Halloween Outreach 2010

It's that time again!!! Halloween for OH brings hope to homeless children every year. I can't believe this will be the 5th year in a row that we have provided Halloween costumes for the kids living at the Nashville Rescue Mission and then provided them with a night of fun at the Bethel World Outreach fall festival.
Here is how it works and what we need......
We need you in one way or another. There are many ways you can help with this outreach. About 1 week before Halloween I will go to the mission and speak to each child and find out what they want to dress up as for Halloween. I will need to purchase them a costume or give them one that has been donated. We will then bus all of the children to Bethel for a few hours of fun, where I will need volunteers to help at the festival.
I am collecting $30 per child. This will provide them with a costume and a meal and snack. We don't want them walking past all the funnel cakes without being able to get one :) You can provide a child a costume and a meal by donating toward this cause.... OR you may choose to go purchase a costume yourself for the child once I find out who is there. You may also sign up to volunteer at the festival which is always good for the whole family, including your kids to get involved. You may also help get the little ones ready at the shelter. ( Women are only allowed at the shelter, as this is a women and children shelter)

The date of the outreach is Sat, Oct 30, 2010 from 10-3.
So if you live afar, or just can't make it, but love what we are doing, you may donate by CLICKING HERE. If you want to roll up your sleeves and get involved email us at and let us know your area of interest. We have at least double the kids that we had last year.
This always proves to be such a fun night for the children as well as the moms. They get to escape their reality for a night and be a super hero or a princess. It is just what they need to bring hope to their circumstances and the moms LOVE watching their kids be kids. Relationships are formed and lives are changed.

Thanks for your support of this outreach :)

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  1. Kelly,
    Im not finding your email address and was wondering if you could give me some info on your Ethiopia trip in July. Thanks!