Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Korah Night at 3rd & Lindsley

WATER FOR KORAH was a huge success. Thanks to everyone who came out to support the cause. This was all organized by Ashli, who traveled in our group, on this last Ethiopia trip. We all came back with a goal amount to raise in order to help provide land and water for the trash dump area in Ethiopia. Ashli out did herself. And special thanks to Kristi Neumann for helping to organize and get the bands to perform for this cause. It was so much fun.

Shoof, pictured above, was the opening act. It is an all teen band, which my son plays in. They are so amazing!!
Little Connor, on bass, is rockin it at only 9 years old.

Cole, an amazing 13 yr old guitarist

Jason, one of the best 13 yr old drummers around

My amazing 14 yr old, Collin, on the guitar.

Ashli got up and shared her heart and passion for Korah. Her surprise to everyone for the night is that she leaves next month to MOVE THERE. Yes, she is moving to Ethiopia. We can't wait to have our Ordinary Hero ambassador on the ground permanently. She is amazing!!
I shared a bit about what OH is all about.
The awesome Kristi Neumann performed a fabulous set. She included the song she has donated to Ordinary Hero for all proceeds to benefit adoption grants, called COLE'S LULLABY. Everyone go to Itunes today and download it. If you missed the last video I posted, you can CLICK HERE to watch and hear COLE'S LULLABY. It's an awesome song! Thank you Kristi, for having such a huge heart for adoption.
Kristi Neumann
Special, special, thanks to all the different bands and artists who gave of their time for this cause. They were all awesome!!

Shirts for sale
Below are pics from our ET trip of Korah displayed by the silent auction.
Special thanks to everyone who helped make the evening a success.
Charlene and her boys below.

Rick and Amanda, pictured below, are in the process of adopting a sibling set of 2 from Ethiopia. Their adoption is what inspired Kristi to donate her song toward adoption grants.
There are some great things going on right now with so many people. God is inspiring people everywhere to either adopt, support adoption, support and help the poor, and help those in Africa who have nothing. Everyone can do SOMETHING.

Blessings :-)

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