Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Latest in Sierra Leone

I know several of you have been waiting on an update in Sierra Leone. I just received a few new pics that I thought I would share. The kids in The Covering are doing great adjusting to their new life. 7 new children moved into the Covering this week. Sam, pictured above with his siblings, just had his hernia surgery and is recovering well. He is LOVING school and is soooo happy to be enjoying his life with his brother and sister. They all three speak with Lori and her family regularly. Lori and her family are busy starting their fundraising efforts to adopt Sam, Betty, and Falah. Please, click here to jump over and visit the Pyle family and support them in their fundraising efforts. What a joy it would be to plant a seed in the adoption of these three beautiful, courageous children and help bring them home to their forever family. Right now, the Lord has arranged treatment of their birth mother in Sierra Leone, who is currently dying of Aids. They visit with her and we thank God for having them all cross the path of all of us while we were over there. Pray for these three as they face great heartache on the road ahead. But we rejoice in the plan for their life that we see already unfolding by the hand of God as he has already placed the Pyle family in their path.

There is still much going on in Sierra Leone to help free the other kids. There are many fighting on their behalf. It is all completely in the Lord's hands. We pray and believe that they will join these kids before too much longer. There is still a lot of the same back and forth negotiations going on. When I know something new I will post an update. Keep praying for those children and their freedom. Their destinies hang in the balance.
Here are a few new pics of some of the kiddos.

There are still several areas of sponsorship needed for all of the children pictured below as well as the new children that I don't have pictures for yet. These are all children that reside at the Covering. There are a couple of children who don't have any sponsorship at all yet. The areas of sponsorship range from 30-40 dollars per month. Please click here to sponsor one of these children and to learn more about these children.

Thank you all for your love, concern, support and prayers for these precious children in Sierra Leone.


  1. Thank you! Thank you for posting the new pictures! Wow the kids are so cute! So excited to see new pictures! They are priceless! Have a great afternoon!

    Love Heidi

  2. Praying for all of the kids still that need to be freed and get to the Covering. Also praying for the kids who need sponseship to be fully sponsered soon! Each one needs to feel special and have someone to write to and talk on skype with and to feel God's love for them. Thank you for the new pictures! What precious kids!

    God BLess