Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ordinary Hero Spotlight

I have to share these Ordianary Hero spotlights. We are reminded that no matter where you are in life, you can use your place to bless others. I posted around Halloween time about the teen girls living at the TN Baptist Children's Home taking their time to create bags for the kids that live at the Nashville Rescue Mission homeless shelter. They each had a picture of a little child that was homeless and they really poured their hearts into creating bags for them to use on Halloween at the festival. Now these teen girls have had some love handed back to them. You can read in a previous post about Kristen taking the opportunity to have her 2nd grader and some of her 2nd grade friends get together to make frames for the girls who reside at the TN Baptist Childrens Home. They were so cute and so excited and took their great big, little girl hearts to do this project to spread some love to these teen girls. They then had the opportunity to meet a few of the girls and hand deliver their frames, which thus creates the cutest picture of love above. The girls at TBCH will have a constant reminder every time that they look at their frames, that they are treasured.

One other Ordinary Hero spotlight I needed to share. This is from Stephanie, who contacted me about wanting to send a package to our military. It is always so awesome to see you guys step up to the call to help others. It reminds us that we are all Ordinary Heroes and created to share love to others in this world. She challenges us to look at our lives and see what life experiences have had an impact on us and then take those experiences and use them for good. In her own words......

"I finally had a chance to ship it off this evening, so it should be on its way with tomorrow's mail. :) My best friend and I had a great time shopping for things that we thought we'd miss if we were overseas. (We were in Wal-Mart and I said to her, "Okay. If we were overseas, what would we miss most?" and before either of us could respond, another lady in the isle quickly piped up with, "Oreos!" haha.) Thanks, again, for this opportunity. The military holds a special place in my heart. I grew up in the DC area, my best friend's dad was in the Air Force (we met over 10 years ago, when the AF stationed her dad in my area), and since going off to college, I now have many, many friends in Army and Air Force ROTC. Thanks for the chance to let me/us show our appreciation in a tangible way. ":)-Stephanie (and Alysia)

Thanks to all of you who step up to the call to help others ever day and a special thank you to Stephanie and Kristen for sharing your pictures with us.
"God works all things together for good...."


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