Monday, December 7, 2009

One more word of thanks from Afghanistan

I just received another message from Jerry. You can scroll down and see a previous post with the pictures of Amy's family getting the package together for the troops.

So neat to hear about them all getting it :) It really does mean sooo much to these guys and gals.

This is a response from him.....


Words cannot express how grateful our team was to receive such a show of kindness from people whom we do not even know. I tried, several times, to start drafting a thank you note and got a lump in my throat with each attempt. One of our Soldiers had tears in her eyes when I handed her a stocking with her name painted on it as others were raving about the homemade pies and cookies that were shipped to us. We, each of us, were truly humbled by the experience when we know that there are others in far worse conditions than us who would love the attention.

My heart goes out to the Rankin family and friends who devoted such time and energy to such minor details such as hand crafting Christmas decorations and providing a touch of "home" during Christmas. I cannot say thank you enough times for the moments of quiet joy that were experienced in our office this afternoon. This families token of kindness will be returned; I just cannot imagine how. :-)

I pray for many of God's blessings to you and your colleagues throughout the holidays. Again, accept a simple thank you for now."

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