Thursday, December 10, 2009

That's What Little Girls Are Made Of......

Being an Ordinary Hero means that your heart is bent towards helping others, even when you don't realize it. I just had to share this special outreach that a group of 2nd grade girls did to turn a pizza party into a time of blessing the teen girls from the Tennessee Baptist Children's Home, as well as some homeless moms, with their talent straight from the heart. This is what it is all about people :0) These little hands from such special little girls will bless the teens and moms this holiday season in more ways than one.

I will let you hear about it in Kristen's own words.....

I wanted to send you a few pictures from our Service Project Night. My daughter had wanted to have a few of her fellow second grade classmates over for a pizza party. So, we turned this pizza party into a party with a purpose.
We painted the mats of picture frames with watercolors and each girl made their own personal designs. These frames will be given to the girls that you meet with at the Tennessee Baptist Children's Home.
The second project we did was a hit. Each girl decorated a brown paper bag with Christmas decorations and then we filled them with a few items off the Christmas Wish List from the Women's Ministries at the Nashville Rescue Mission. They need all sorts of items for their Christmas Bags, but we chose hats, gloves and a few food items. The girls LOVED stuffing the bags. I only wish we had had more items to make more bags with. I think next year I might ask each girl to bring items for the bags so that we can provide more items to the women and children and get other families involved in this project.

Thanks again for your example of being an Ordinary Hero. You have inspired many by being the hands and the feet of the One who we celebrate this season.
Merry Christmas!

The smallest gestures really do show God's love in big ways. I have seen people in awful situations on the brink of hopelessness get handed a simple card that reminds them that they are special and loved in the eyes of God and those He has called to be His hands and feet. You can't imagine how God has ordained THAT card or THAT gift for THAT particular moment, just when He knew that they needed it the most. Our steps are always guided and they will be used to bless others as long as we let God guide us.

Thank you Kristen and your girls for showing us just how to be an Ordinary Hero in the life of another.

Blessings to you all this Holiday Season.


Enjoy the pics below....

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