Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Glance At Some Ordinary Heroes in Action

Many thank you's go out to several of you who have responded to the call to bless our soldiers serving abroad. I just had to share this idea from a family and show you some Ordinary Heroes really taking some time to bless the honorable heroes of our nation. A blog follower named Amy contacted me about wanting to send some goodies to some of our troops abroad. She had the best idea. She told me that she was going to get her family to put it all together for the troops while they gather together on Thanksgiving Day. What a great way to show their thankfulness. They all gathered and made personalized Christmas treasures for 9 of our heroes that are currently serving in the military in Afghanistan right now. These 9 men and women will not be with their families for Christmas as they make the sacrifice for our freedom in this country. My contact, Jerry, over there, has told me what a blessing it is to receive packages from home. They love getting anything that makes them get a little taste of home while they so selflessly serve so far away. He also told me they love home baked pies it is. Amy and her family have blessed these men and women with some home baked goodness and a feel for Christmas. I wish we could all see their faces when they receive it (although I am asking for pictures, if possible).

She graciously sent some pictures as I requested. I just love seeing LOVE in action. It is contagious. One little girl painted on an ornament that you will see below and it states....
Love Is Powerful.

I don't think we can state it any better than that. Enjoy the pictures below and let it inspire us all to give back this holiday season. Thank you to Amy and your family. You have brought joy this holiday season.

I will be posting in the next day or so about families in need this Christmas. Now I will end with her email about their gathering and their pics. Blessings !

Hi Kelly

Here are some pictures from our packaging/decorating party for the soldiers.
We had all ages (2 yrs. - 89 yrs) helping decorate ornaments and personalize
the stockings. Even some of the guys found they had some hidden talents!
Thank you for making us aware of this opportunity. It was a wonderful
blessing to our family.

I mailed out everything this morning so it is on the way...we prayed over
the packages (3 total) that they will arrive all in-tact for everyone before

Thank you again

Blessings- Amy

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