Monday, May 10, 2010

Helping Flood Victims

Whoo!! This has been such a busy week with all that is going on, I haven't even had time to blog. We have found 3 families in East Nashville that we are helping try to get back on their feet. I specifically wanted to help those who are not getting much help. I rode downtown to check on the Officer's home who works at my children's school. I heard that he had lost everything. I pulled up to find people pulling out their belongings by the mountains. Everything they owned was starting to pile up outside. I found great devastation but I found such great faith as they tried to take in all that had been laid upon them. We are going to ensure that they get their house rebuilt and furnished, and we are also having meal sign ups for this couple and their 4 small children.

I then looked across the street and saw an elderly woman and two small boys pushing water out of the bottom floor of their home by themselves. When I walked over and asked, she told me that she did not have anyone except a friend that had been helping her pull all of her stuff out of the home. I discovered that she is a grandmother who has taken in her 4 grandchildren and she is all they have. Those children were just precious. Those boys had mops with bleach water and were doing the best they could to wipe down all the walls as their grandmother was trying to lift things after just having a hip replacement. I told her that we would get her some help with everything......and thus, I found my second family to help. The next day I went by to check in on them and bring them some dinner and took two of my children. The next thing I knew they were all out in the open lot beside the home playing kickball and then basketball. When we left they were asking when could we come back and bring the boys to play again. The next day three Ordinary Heroes stopped in to check on them and the next thing I knew they were telling me to meet them at the park. They had all four children with them and were taking them out to play. I showed up with my family and we had pizza, played basketball, football and had such a great time with these kids. We were able to get them away from their reality for just a little bit. I see lasting relationships developing and people investing in these children whom we did not even know just a few days ago. Lives will be changed and this is how it all works. This is how God brings good out of the bad. This is how God connects people who would not otherwise have found one another.

The third family is a single mom with three children whom was referred to us by the Youth Life Learning Center. An ordinary hero took her some things yesterday for her three children as she waits this out to see what becomes of her apartment. She and her children are currently living with her mother. They lost everything they had.

If you would like to help any of these families, please email Charlene at . You may also donate to our Project Restore fund by clicking on the donate button on the right side. Just put "Project Restore for flood victims" in the memo. We will ensure that these family's homes and lives are restored.

You can watch the video below to see such strong faith in the midst of such devastation. This is what I walked up to find. This is just one story out of the three and I plan to get the other stories put together as well.......whenever time allows :)

(Silence the music at the bottom of the page to watch the video) or click here to go to the link.

This is just one out of hundreds of stories out there. These flood victims need our help. All the Ordinary Heroes pulling together to help is what gives these families continued hope to move on after the storms of life.

Also...Check out our new BLOG button on the right sidebar. Many thanks go out to April and her hubby for getting that on here for us. You can now copy and paste the code into your blog and it will bring people directly to this blog without having to go through the site. It's a great way to keep up with all that is going on with Ordinary Hero. I update the blog much more than the site.

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