Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mother's Day Bags ......A Blessing

With all of the flood aftermath going on I have not had a chance to post about our Mother's Day Outreach. We had the privilege of collecting items and stuffing 200 gift bags for all the moms and women residing at the Nashville Rescue Mission. The mission was able to host all of the women at their newly remodeled facility that they have not officially moved into yet and have a beautifully decorated luncheon for the women as a special treat for Mother's Day. Ordinary Hero was able to provide the gift bags for the event.

I must give a special shout out and great big Thank You to Carol Harris, pictured below, for organizing and collecting the items for all 200 bags. She did a great job with this event and we plan do this again next year. We could not have done this without her.

We needed several hands to help us stuff these gift bags so I took one of my regularly scheduled bible study nights with all my Tennessee Baptist Children's Home girls and had them help with all the bag stuffing. They loved the thought that they were doing something to help a mom at the mission. I even told the girls that they could pick out something for themselves if they wanted and a couple of them didn't want anything because they said they wanted the Moms to have all of it. These girls are very special to me. They all come from troubled homelives themselves, yet they still have a heart to help others who are in need.

I was shocked to see all of the donations that came in for this outreach. I had never really thought about how much stuff it would take to stuff 200 gift bags.....and nice size bags, at that.
I can't thank everyone who gave toward this, enough. I especially have to thank Waller Law Firm and Manier and Harod law firm for such generous donations given to bless these women at the mission. We definitely could not have stuffed 200 bags without all of the donations. They were just awesome!

I must also say a special thank you to Rebekah Stephens for organizing a lot of the donations through her firm, helping us pick up the bags, and also bringing co workers and friends to help us organize and stuff the bags. Thanks, Rebekah!!

We stuffed bags until dark and even dodged the dive bombing beetles that came out after the lights came on in the pavilion. I had such a great group to help with this. THANK YOU, to my sweet TBCH girls, and Mrs D, for all of your help!!

These bags were filled with soaps, lotions, shampoos, jewelry, small bibles donated by Fellowship Bible Church (thank you, thank you), books, make up......and as you will see below, LOVE.

My friend, Tina Keil, made 400+ cookies from scratch to go into each of the bags for each woman to have a special homemade treat, just to show them that they are loved. Let me be the first one to tell you that these cookies are AMAZING....just like Tina!! Check out her site. She has written an amazing book, titled Free To Be Beautiful, and she can lead you to worship like no other with her angelic voice, so make sure to check out her music. She has a beautiful spirit. Thank you, Tina, for taking so much time and love to make these cookies for the mission Moms.

Carol, thanks again for doing such a great job with this and being such an amazing Ordinary should be proud!!

Here are a couple of pics taken from inside the mission when I got them delivered.
And lastly, a special thank you goes out to Holly Fisher for making us such cute tags for all of the bags. It was such a nice added touch to remind these women that we love them and so does God. Thank you, Holly!!
Many people ask me how I do everything I do. Well, now you see. I could never do what I do without such amazing Ordinary Heroes jumping on board to help. I little from each person completes a big task. It is how it was meant to be. I appreciate all of you. And these were some very excited women to receive such great gift bags. Thanks to everyone who gave toward this project.
I will be posting another testimony from the flood in the next day or so. It is one that I have not gotten off of my mind since I heard it. I can't wait to get it out to you. It's a total God story how I ran into this woman.



  2. That is beautiful! I wish i had known about it, i would have loved to help. Maybe next year....

    May God richly bless each of you for your dedication to God's people.