Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Waiting Children and some Adopted...Yay!!

Head over to our Ordinary Hero site and check out the new waiting children I just listed under the Celebrate Children link. Pictured above are an infant HIV+ girl, a 1 and 1/2 year old girl and a little boy age 4-6. I am thrilled to announce that I got to add the word "Adopted" to 1 girl, 5 boys, and 3 sibling groups. I just added new waiting children, 4 girls, 5 boys, and 6 sibling groups to the site. These new waiting children are anywhere from infant to age 15. There is one HIV+ infant that is just adorable and paper ready for those of you who are called to adopt an HIV+ baby. There are many children waiting to be adopted. Also, check out the featured little boy as well as the featured twin girls on the site who have been waiting for some time. They are precious.

So go to the site and click on Ethiopia and then look for the "read more" link under Celebrate Children. There are three separate links for boys, girls, and siblings. Check them all out. Your future child could be waiting for you. Contact Sue Hedberg, listed on the site, for more info on these children.

And let me know if you feel drawn to one of these children. I always love hearing your stories :-)
And above all else, pray for these little ones to find their family.

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