Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kicking & Dreaming~ Ethiopia July 2010

We are getting closer to our first ever Ethiopia mission trip in July!!! I am VERY excited!! I have been to Ethiopia personally two times and know first hand how life changing and eye opening it is. I am thrilled to be taking a team of 25 Ordinary Heroes to this fabulous country to serve and love on the orphan and street child. One avenue of connecting with the kids on this trip is through soccer camps. We are taking several soccer coaches and players on this trip (although I am neither :) and are excited to watch the hope that springs forth through people from two opposite ends of the world connected by the love of the game. Soccer brings hope and fun to children in Ethiopia where toys do not exist. We will go in and have fun with the kids, make the connections with them, and then follow it up with love, clothing, food, and basic necessities for their well being. We will be holding camps in many different orphanages, as well as with the street children and the children living in the countryside.

This however is a very costly trip for all of us going, so this is where I turn to you. In an effort to offset the costs for the people going on our trip I would like to offer you the chance to donate to our trip while getting something in return. The soccer coach for Ravenwood Highschool is “selling” the old girls uniforms for $55 a shirt. When you donate the $55 (feel free to donate more if you would like J), you will get a jersey sent to you and have the opportunity to write or draw whatever you would like on that jersey. Mail your jersey back to us with your family's picture. We will take your picture, along with the jersey, with us to ET. When we get to Ethiopia we will give it to an orphaned child along with your picture. Once we give the child your jersey and photo, we will host a game with the children wearing the jersey you donated to them and post it on our blog so that you can follow along on our journey. The child will then keep the jersey and you can know that you quite possibly gave this child their first ever soccer jersey or real shirt for that matter. Of course we will do our best to take pictures of all the kids wearing your jerseys :) You may send your checks to Ordinary Hero, PO Box 1945, Brentwood, TN 37024......or you may donate online and mark in the memo "jersey".

This is an awesome way for your family to directly connect and bring joy to an orphan in Ethiopia and help offset our cost to get there at the same time.

ALSO.....Brentwood Soccer Club is sponsoring an Adult Indoor 6v6 Soccer Tournament, on behalf of the Ordinary Hero Kicking & Dreaming, Ethiopia Mission Trip. Tournament dates are June 12 (Men) and June 13 (Women) and will be held at the Crockett Park Indoor Arena in Brentwood, TN. If you or someone you know would like to bring your team and participate in this tournament please contact Clay Watson at clayw1@wcs.edu . He will send you the sign up sheet. The cost is $450 per team and $400 special if you sign up by May 28. All proceeds benefit the Kicking & Dreaming Mission trip in July.

Come join us on June 12 and 13th for some soccer fun that will help us make a difference in the orphan crisis in Ethiopia.

Email me at kelly@ordinaryhero.org if you have any questions.

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  1. I am so excited to find this blog. I had followed your family blog when you were bringing Nathan home. You have such a beautiful family! Anyway, we just adopted our sweet baby girl from Ethiopia, she's been home 3 weeks. We used CCI and our director Sue mentioned on our Yahoo Group that she was leaving soon for ET with a group called Ordinary Hero. So I googled it and here you are. I was so excited to see the amazing things you are doing and the new pictures of Nathan, WOW. I can't believe how much he has grown. You are truly doing God's work and I hope you have an amazing trip!!!