Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Birthday Shout Out to my Sis!!

I wanted to take a moment to send a birthday wish to my fellow sold out, hard core, very determined, adoption advocate partner.........my sister, Kristi. Or should I say, Lucy Lane's mom. Yes, in case you somehow missed the fact that I am the famous Lucy Lane's mom's sister....it is true. Through our adoptions we set out to change the world for one and God changed us. We are all the better for it and I love that I can help advocate for the orphan with the support and help of my sister. We are officially the same age today and will be until the 19th. We are 11 months apart :) Happy Birthday, sis!


  1. Happy Birthday! Blessings to you both!!!


  2. oh, too funny...I didn't know you did this...thanks sis...The 36's are lookin pretty good so far!! :) kj

  3. You two love and support each other so well!
    Birthday blessings to you BOTH from Hong Kong,

  4. You are funny. OK so next time we are in TN- we need to meet up. I believe the weekend we came you were dropping off your oldest at college. So glad we have a while before that happens here :)

  5. You two are so pretty!!! My t-shirt came in the mail today...I'm sooo pumped to wear and show it off tomorrow. Thanks sooo much for all you do Kelly and Kristi.....Hugs from WI


  6. How neat that the two of you can share such a passion in your lives for the fatherless.

    I want to invite you to come check out our site -- www. wearegraftedin.com. I'd love for you to contribute a piece for it. We are trying to promote it and encourage families adopting from all over to become a part of the forum. Let me know what you think!