Thursday, September 16, 2010

Update on Ashleigh plus a Nathan story :)

For those of you praying for is the last email update I received a day or so ago.

Ashleigh is going tomorrow to the OR for a ventricular assist device so if this goes well it will buy some time in waiting for a heart and we can allow her to wake up again and come off the ventilator. Thanks again,
English Flack, MD
Clinical Fellow, PGY-4
Pediatric Cardiology
Keep praying everyone....

Also, on another note, I posted a cute little story on my facebook a couple of days ago that seemed to strike a cord with folks. This is what I wrote about my son :) I left the comments for you to read but just took off the names. I must also mention that we just passed the two year mark at the end of August from our Gotcha Day. I can't believe how blessed we are with Nathan. In honor of this you can click the following link to watch his Gotcha Day video :)

A story got back to me that my son Nathan was eating with his cousin Tanner. Out of habit Tanner says "Nathan, you better eat all your food. There are starving kids in Africa." Nathan says, "I know.....I was one of them." Oh, how we forget that we haven't had our little man with us forever :)

  • After 33 likes and 19 comments later, I thought I'd share......

    • How precious! We all should be so quick to remember the depravity from which we've been saved!
      Tuesday at 7:35am · ·

    • Now that is something we should all truly think about today! Powerful and precious!
      Tuesday at 8:05am · ·

    • Kelly...that completely impacted my morning! Tears and That's the stuff you could never make up. Thank you for sharing.
      Tuesday at 8:30am · ·

    • Oh, wow! That is sad/happy stuff together. I still can't believe you found Nathan's birth mother on our recent trip. That had to be so emotional for you all!
      Tuesday at 8:37am · ·

    • What a precious and heart-warming story. Thank you for sharing. It does make us stop and think about how lucky we are and that we should be grateful everyday. Your little Nathan is a lucky boy.
      Tuesday at 9:09am · ·

    • Out of the mouths of babes. They are so sweet and I miss my family.
      Tuesday at 9:10am · ·

    • I'm stealing this and posting...
      Tuesday at 9:18am · ·

    • i love this post.
      Tuesday at 9:25am · ·

    • WOW!
      Tuesday at 9:30am · ·

    • Bless his little heart!
      Tuesday at 9:41am · ·

    • ‎**uh!** right in my heart! So sweet!
      Tuesday at 10:08am · ·

    • wow there are really no words to describe the magintude of that!
      Tuesday at 10:33am · ·

    • oft we tend to forget that not every culture is as fat and overcompensated as Americans....(ha ha ha ha). I, too, am guilty sometimes. What a great tool this will become when your little man gets older; help erase the degradation that occurs through innocent comments such as what you described. God bless children for their honesty. LOL
      Tuesday at 11:06am · ·

    • Oh, that is so sweet! Bless him!
      Tuesday at 11:15am · ·

    • amazing. My mom used to say specifically..."eat! There are starving children in Ethiopia!" That was my only impression of that country when I was little. Little did I know that seeds were being planted to bring ET into our home years later.
      Tuesday at 11:34am · ·

    • Leave it to a child to put life in perspective...:)
      Tuesday at 11:35am · ·

    • Wow. Thanks for posting Kelly!
      Tuesday at 1:04pm · ·

    • wow.
      Tuesday at 1:34pm · ·

    • Alec: "that's pretty intense"
      Me: couldn't finish reading the post out loud.
      Tuesday at 4:12pm · ·
Nathan has not forgotten where he is from and we keep it fresh in his memory so that he never will. He can't wait to go back with us in the next couple of years so that he can pass out items to the orphans. For this last trip he helped me pick out everything he thought they would like based on him remembering what it was like when he was there. We pray he becomes a strong advocate for his birth country one day :)

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