Friday, January 14, 2011

Answered Prayers for Some and Keep Praying for Others....

Again, I must thank you all for praying for some of these prayer requests that i have put out on this blog. It is probably the most important thing we can do to change things around us and it is so easy to forget to do for some reason. I find myself getting worried about something sometimes before I take the time to pray about it. Then when I do pray about it, I feel much better.
Here are some updates from my last post....

Keep praying for the Shrock family. They did not pass court this 2nd time around. It seems to be a different paperwork issue that should be easily resolved for their next court date of January 23rd. So keep the prayers coming their way and giving them encouragement.

Prayers answered for my sister Kasey!! Looks like they got all the paperwork they were waiting on and their case will be submitted to court next week! She is soooo thankful, you have no idea! Thank you for praying! It has been a long wait.

My sister, Kristi's little one she is in the process of adopting seems to be doing better. He was taken to the hospital. She received pictures and he was actually taking a bottle (for the first time) and had a little smile in some of the pics. Sooo Sweet!! Keep the prayers coming his way for him to fatten up and get the nutrients he needs to grow.


Please pray for the Cottongim family. They are adopting an 8 month old precious baby girl from ET. They passed court on Dec 3 and are still waiting for an Embassy appt. The appt they thought they would get came and went. They are asking for prayer for the next Embassy date of Feb 1, which would have them travel at the end of this month.  They are down the last step and the wait is agonizing!  Please pray for a speedy embassy appt for that little girl's sake as well as the family.


I want to thank for currently sharing OH as their focus on their blog. They are a great website that shares our heart for advocating for waiting children. They have had much success in advocating for children waiting for their forever families. Check them out!

Can you help?
We have a couple of needs I wanted to throw out.
1. We have a sweet 19 year old single mom whom I have known for the past 4 years. She is a brand new mom trying to take care of her new son. She currently is unable to work because she does not have a car. She is living with her sister, trying to make a life for her son. Soooo, if anyone has an extra car just sitting around that you would want to donate, please email me at  That sounds funny to even say, but that is what we need :-)
2. If you are local and have the ability to donate warehouse space....we need it! We have the opportunity to take in LOTS of much needed clothing donations to be shipped to Africa (we need a crate too)  as well as used locally, BUT we need a place to put it for now.  Please email me if you have access to warehouse or storage space.

Many thanks to all of you for your continued support in all of these things that I mentioned.

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