Thursday, January 27, 2011

Some GREAT Little Artists All Over the US!!

 More entries have come in for our Kid's T Shirt Contest!  These kids are so talented!! I love it!!
Great job and beautiful artwork, Maggie, John, Calvin, Rebekah, Carter, Aubrey Anna, Lauren, and Mallory!! Thanks for entering and best of luck to you! You are all great artists!
 #4. Maggie~ age 7, Fort Knox, Ky                                 

#5. John G.~ age 9,  Murfreesboro, TN

 #6. Calvin (also named himself Pablo Candy-Finger) ~ age 5, Wichita, KS
Mom says...."his name is Calvin, although he named himself Pablo Candy-Finger when he was 4.  That was about the same time he wanted to do something to have money for orphans, so he started drawing and selling hand-drawn notecards to earn "orphan money".  He's raised over $1000 with Pablo Candy-Finger Cards since then!  He's partial to aliens and robots...hence the alien theme for his t-shirt idea. :) "

#7. Rebekah~ age 9, Ashburn, VA
Mom says...."She is waiting for her 2 brothers to come home from Rwanda and made a similar picture awhile ago...she altered it for this contest!"

 #8. Carter~ age 9, Murfreesboro, TN

 #9. Aubrey Anna~ age 10, Murfreesboro, TN

 #10. Lauren~ age 6, Hopkinsville, Ky
Mom says..."Lauren was excited to be able to draw something for your tshirt design.  This was a great project for a snow day! "

#11. Mallory~ age 9, Franklin, TN

Keep the artwork coming, kids. Show off your talent and Speak Up loud! This brightens our day!


  1. My son is too young to participate but I can't wait to buy him one of these shirts for him! These young artists are terrific!!! Way to go kids!

  2. What great artists with hearts for ONE!!! :)

  3. When can we start voting? lol I just love Maggie's (even if I am her mom) Thanks Kelly for this opportunity.

  4. these are so sweet...keep 'em coming! I'm wishing my boy was old enough for this project...but it would be just a bunch of scribles, lol!

  5. We'd like to put in a vote for our friend Pablo Candy-Finger! His cards are so sweet and fun, and his heart is just incredible. We want to be like Calvin when we grow up. (the other entries are very special, too!)