Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Young Ordinary Hero Wants to Change The World In Africa

Well.....we have learned from my last post that HEROES come in all ages. Now I must tell you about an 8 yr old girl whom I met that has my heart. She is not only the cutest thing ever, she happens to have a GREAT BIG HEART for the orphans in Africa. Her name is Cordelia. ( Cori for short )

I want you to watch the following video. This video will show you how easy it is to make a difference by taking what you have seen and experienced as you serve, and simply by sharing it, can inspire others to action, no matter what their age.

An elementary school teacher traveled on our OH team trip in July. She came back with her passion bubbling over and some of it spilled over onto this 8 year old little girl. I received a call from Caitlyn (Miss Cooley) and she told me someone she knew wanted to learn more about Africa. When I asked a few more questions, I realized that this someone was one of her students and was only 8 years old. She told Caitlyn that she wanted to talk with me to learn more. I couldn't imagine how much interest an 8 yr old would have but I hopped over to the school to meet with her and find out where her heart was.

Well......she blew me away with her heart, her passion, and her ideas at such a young age. This little one truly will CHANGE THE WORLD one day.

May we all have a heart as big as this little girls when we grow up.

You may leave Cori a comment of encouragement on this blog post, or if you feel called to help Cori achieve her dreams you may email me at

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  1. Oh wow! Such an amazing pair! What a treat to have a confident teacher not afraid to stand up and declare what she believes to her students and what a treat for that teacher to have such a wonderful student who's ready to stand up for those in need. Just so awesome!

  2. That truly touched my heart.

  3. The kids all watched to video....and they totally agree they want to be like Cori :) !!!!!! LOVE THIS!

  4. Cori-First of all you are adorable! Secondly, I hope you continue to have a huge heart like you do now and follow your dreams. We need people like you to help make this world a better place. I would love to help and gather donations for your school supplies! Here is my email & my blog is

  5. oh my word she blesses my heart so much! i love her i heart africa company on the front of her notebook! ;0)

  6. That was absolutely precious! Passion spreads!