Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some Exciting Answers to Prayer and Other Things in the Works!!

First of all..... PRAISE REPORT!! We have some answered prayers, people!!

I put the word out about the Shrock family contacting me needing prayer. She was at her wits end. What had happened was that the courts could not find her Dossier! Can you imagine? She worked that hard to get the dossier sent, flies over for her 1st court date and then gets the word. "Oops! We seem to not be able to find your papers." from the courts. Wow! Well, stranger stuff has happened :) You are dealing with 3rd world here. Sooooo, she flies home, emails me and asks for prayer. The wait was killing her. So I put the word out on my blog early that next morn and by 3pm that afternoon she got the phone call she had been waiting for. "We found your papers!"Now that is some answered prayer!! I LOVE IT!! Her next court date is tomorrow I think. They don't have to be present at this one since they were already there. THANK YOU all who prayed for this family and also encouraged them through your comments. PRAYER CHANGES THINGS!!  Let's all continue to pray this next court date through to passing for them so that they can be on the road to bring their next two home. You can read her updates on the Shrock family blog.

Remaining on the subject of prayer.....Please keep both of my sisters in your prayers concerning their adoptions. First, my sister Kristi is asking for prayer for her little guy she is in the process of adopting, named Wes.

 She was told that he has been so weak that they put him in the hospital. Sue, the director, has brought him back from the country into the city now in order to get him the treatment he needs. This child is precious. We met him last month. He is just a case of a child who has been starving for way too long. He was brought into the orphanage for the first time in Dec, the day before we arrived. He has some other needs as well, that we are certain the Lord will take care of. So everyone add little Wes to their prayer list. We have to get that little guy healthy and fattened up.

Second, my sister Kasey needs prayer for her paperwork to be complete in order for her to be able to travel for her 1st court date to adopt little Lincoln.

 She has seen people who were referred their children at the same time as her already fly over for their 1st court dates while she still waits. There has been a hold up on the paperwork coming from the orphanage. So let's pray for speedy paperwork to land in the hands of Sue, the director while she is there so that they can get this adoption to court.
THANKS FOR YOUR PRAYERS! As you can see with the Shrocks, it is powerful! If you have a prayer request, don't hesitate to email me.  Adoption is sometimes a roller coaster of emotions. It makes a difference to have others standing with you in prayer as you wait it out :)

Other news....we just had an amazing OH meeting to kick off the new year! We are gearing up for a great year! We have some exciting new things in the works to help you fund raise for your adoptions, mission trips, etc. ! This includes new product, which we are working on a whole new cart system for right now. That will be available in about a month. We are also offering OH as an avenue for people to directly donate towards your adoptions and get the tax write off. We will let 100% of their donation go toward your adoption, which we will pass on to your adoption agency. We want to allow our organization and our 501 c 3 status be a blessing to your adoption.

I am also opening myself up for speaking dates this year but I would love it to benefit your adoption as well. If you are adopting and you belong to a church that you feel supports your decision but could use some inspiration in the adoption department, then I am open to coming and speaking about OH and how we got started through local outreach and adoption, as well as bring awareness to the orphan crisis, in order to open the eyes of the believers who might not otherwise know about this orphan crisis and other children in need in the world. My hopes are that from me helping to bring awareness in this area, that it will bring light to your own adoption within your church and encourage those around you to help support your adoption. You can always email me with ideas or thoughts on this and we can share ours as well.

Also, I have gotten several emails from some of you wondering when our shirts will be for sale again. We are in the works! We will have some original designs available before the end of Jan as well as a new launch (hopefully in Feb) when we get our cart system up and running :) Super excited about that!!

Our OH July trip is maxed out and closed right now!! Wow!  We are considering a second trip that will run back to back with that one so I will let you know more about that if/when we decide to do that.

Exciting stuff in the works! We are looking forward to a GREAT year!!



  1. oh yes, please do another trip! Praying for the Shrock family and your sisters! God is so awesome and has amazing timing!

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