Friday, April 15, 2011

Need Host Family in Middle TN or surrounding area for 13 yr old girl from Ukraine

I have been contacted about the urgent need to find a host family to take in a precious 13 yr old girl from Ukraine, for four weeks during the summer, as part of the US Russia Global Exchange program. The deadline is May 1st which is fast approaching. I was contacted by Jan Richey. He has traveled to Ukraine and met this young girl. He also knows the family who hosted her last year. Everyone has wonderful things to say about her. She is very sweet. The family that hosted last year also took in a special needs child, which they say this 13 year old was soooo helpful with. That family is unable to host her again this year so everyone is rallying together to try to find this young girl a host family before the deadline of May 1st. This would only be for four weeks. The family would need to live in the Middle TN area, or possibly close surrounding areas, because that is where the coordinator will be which will help during the process and check in on things. Jan Richey and his family would also like to help with the child as well since he knows her and she knows him. He lives in the Nashville area.

To find out more about the process, visit US Russia Global Exchange.  Here you will find out the requirements and all the info of the exchange program. You may also email Jan Richey at He can tell you about the child and his experience with her.

Pray that this young girl finds a family to host her soon. Opportunities like this are simply life changing for an orphan. Yes, she is an orphan and her brothers have been adopted out. She is alone and needs to know that there are opportunities and people who care for her in this world. If you think you are considering hosting this child, please let me know as well so I can post an update.


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