Monday, April 18, 2011

Our Grant Winners!!

We are so excited to be able to give away this grant money!! Our affiliates have had this grant contest going on since Wednesday, through Sunday. Grants are awarded to the top 3 sellers! We have offered a $500 grant to the top seller, a $300 grant to the second top seller, and a $200 grant to the third top seller in those 5 days. Well. .......the totals are in!!

We were sooooo impressed with everyone's totals, not to mention excited about giving away grant money, that......

We are now giving away two grants in each category, plus one complimentary grant!!! That just doubled everyone's chances of winning a grant. Plus we need to all welcome our new OH Fundraising Coach, Gina Payne, who has been helping the affiliates along with tips and ideas all week. Gina is the Queen of fundraising and has had some amazing ideas. We hope to hear more from her on our blog soon with some great tips for everyone!! 

Sooooo........The top 3  6 sellers and grant recipients are as follows........

The top two sellers and winners of the two $500 grants are (drumroll please)......
Domesticated Diva who sold $1199.04 in merchandise  with 20 sales since Wed!!! Wow!
and Susan Allee, who sold $1130.52 in merch with 17 sales since Wed!!! Wow!!
Congrats to you two top sellers/winners!!! You must have some really great friends and fam!!

The top two second place winners of the $300 grants are......
Lindsay Morris with $611.16 of sales  with 15 sales since Wed, and
Tracy Autry with $541.52 of sales with 6 sales since Wed...Wow!! Y'all did great!
Congrats to you two for winning the $300 grants!!

The top two third place sellers and winners of a $200 grant are.....
Amber Prevo with $491.24 in sales with 9 sales since Wed, and
Abby Myers with $489.00 in sales with 11 sales since Wed!!
Congrats to you two and for being in our top 6!!

We also have one other affiliate who sold over $400 in sales and went from only having 3 sales in her account to 11 sales. We want to offer this one last complimentary grant of $100 to Caitlin Cooley for being the very next in line of top sales and the only other one who had sales over the $400 mark during this contest since Wed. Her sales totaled $403.76. Thanks for all your efforts to sell, Caitlin! We are noticing :) !! 

So there you have it! That is $2100 in grant give away money today, not to mention the 40% that the affiliates have been receiving from all the purchases on their behalf. MANY THANKS to all of you who have purchased and supported these affiliates. You truly are making a difference for them! 

MANY THANKS to all of you affiliates who are putting the word out there. You all are fundraising for life changing causes. You all are the ORDINARY HEROES for changing the lives of these little ones in need. 

If you are interested in finding out more or signing up for our affiliate program CLICK HERE. 



  1. AHHHHH!!! Still in shock and AWE! THANK YOU!!!!! And a huge thank you to Gina too....she had amazing ideas and was a huge encouragement to keep going!

  2. Thank you so much for doing this for us:) We are so grateful!! Also having Gina help was wonderful!!

  3. Yes..thank you!! And Gina was a great motivator. Great to get her encouraging e-mails throughout the week. We are so thankful for OH!

  4. Yea!!!!!! So excited for everyone and also for OH!! So many items being shipped out!! (I know I've got 5 items coming my way!!)

  5. THANK YOU, Ordinary Hero for your love for us!