Saturday, April 2, 2011

Winner of $100 Grant.....and prayer request

A BIG CONGRATS to Micah Frey and family!!!

 She is the OH affiliate that won the $100 grant from yesterday due to having the top commission for the day!! This grant helps fund their current adoption from Ethiopia. We are thrilled to help our affiliates raise funds for their adoptions!! Way to go, Micah!! Also, thanks to all of you who purchased on behalf of our affiliates. You are helping them reach their fundraising goals.

I also have a prayer request....because we all know that prayer changes things!!

My sister, Kasey and her family are adopting little 3 yr old Lincoln from Ethiopia.

I first met him on our July trip last year. Kasey has seen other families bring their children home and yet, due to paperwork reasons, Lincoln still waits for them.  They are soooo close! They have gone to their first court date and now just need their MOWA letter to arrive so that they can bring Lincoln home. It ripped their hearts out to meet him, bond with him, fall in love with him.....and then have to turn around and leave him there to wait longer, until they can return to bring him home for good. They say he cried his eyes out when they left him......they all did. So I'm sure you can imagine the agony they are in as they sit and wait for this one letter to arrive. Please pray that their approval letter from the MOWA will arrive this next week and they will get notice of it and receive their date to be able to go get him and bring him home.

Also, my sister, Kristi's hubby just flew out yesterday for Ethiopia to meet their son for the first time and go to the first court date. Please pray for his court date and that they will pass court.

Our family is sitting on pins and needles these days, trusting that the Lord will bring the other two little members into the fam quickly.  We all thank you for your prayers!!


  1. I am praying so hard for BOTH of your sisters!!

  2. Praying for both your sisters!!


  3. Praying, praying. I can't imagine, tugs a momma's heartstrings to say the very least.

  4. I will pray for both your sister,