Wednesday, April 6, 2011

One Prayer answered and Benefit Dinner tomorrow night

I must first thank you all for praying for my sister, Kristi's court date. THEY PASSED!! Little Wes is officially a Johnson....Yay!!!

Now please continue to pray for my sister, Kasey to receive their MOWA letter in the courts in ET so that she can bring her little one home from Ethiopia. She has been waiting since last July since she started the process, and has been to her first court date. Now all she needs is that letter to show up so please continue to pray for that. There is never any distinctive answer as to why some adoptions take longer like Kasey's and then how some fly through like Kristis.  Regardless we are so thrilled to welcome these two cousins to our family.  Thank you for your prayers to bring them both home.

Also, a quick reminder about our Benefit Dinner tomorrow night. We still have 15 seats left to reach our 250 person goal.  I am amazed at the team of volunteers that have put so much amazing hard work into this benefit. We have OVER 100 silent auction items and the program itself is just going to be fabulous. We already have double our attendance from last year. I am thrilled!! Get your tickets quick if you want to come and have not bought them. Email

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  1. Still praying!!

    I can't wait to hear about how the benefit dinner went! I am sure it was fabulous!